Open your eyes and think: How does color inspire today an Haute Couture’s jumpsuit design?

“What makes a dress needed for exceptional style ?”

“How to have a great sense of style ?”

How does today a men’s classic outfit challenge the woman’s style and make it unique?


How does Art, color and luxury fabrics influence Haute Couture’s inspiration?




 – G R E E N – 

What motivates a Fashion Editor to keep creating?
What kind of Fashion inspiration do we need?
Why does ART  need  to be expressed through Haute Couture?

How does British shirt Style influence how you dress daily?

 What’s new we could have to say about the way of wearing a man’s shirt?

How British Men’s Style could inspire a woman’s dress code for Spring Summer 2017?

What is it the inspiration of LIGHT today for a fashion stylist for colors of Winter 2016/17?

What is it the inspiration of LIGHT today for a fashion stylist? Afterward, how does always LIGHT inspire the color palette of Winter 2016/17? Finally, stop and think, feel, discover it. Be constantly aware of LIGHT’s beauty now! Explaining my inspiration for LIGHT, I would say that it is about catching the moment, observing real …

How do buttons for fur can be a challenge for AW 16/17 trends?


Milano Unica DIRECTIONS : IV. Play Room F/W 2016-17


photo rights : MILANO UNICA


Fall/Winter 2016/17 : IV. PLAY ROOM

The metaphor of PLAY!

Play it is not a matter of age. It is a state of mind which never ends!

Milano Unica DIRECTIONS : III. Graphic Wave F/W 2016/17


photo rights : MILANO UNICA



Geometric suspensions!

3d process inspired by the world of GEOMETRY!

Digital technology KEY for the NEW chromatic atmosphere!