The season's best knitwear outfit during LFW February 2019

Which is the season’s best knitwear outfit during LFW February 2019?

Open your eyes and see now:

Which is always the best sunglasses style for your knitwear style?


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Claire Tagg, Designer GFW17

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Take the risk to Choose.Sustainable fashion during London Fashion Week, find the right balance for your fashion style.

Ecology, Fashion, Sustainability a common idea of about the urge to choose and do it well, to do it together, to make sense and to create beauty. Choose now to take time to think, to feel, to discover fashion during London Fashion Week (LFW) in February 2018 that affects your daily lifestyle.

“MEN”….the story.

The story of the handmade shoe design “MEN” began a year ago as the result of a close collaboration between Savrani Creations, shoe designer and Chrysanthi Kosmatou, fashion stylist and fashion blogger,

Enjoying with a similar passion for creativity and both promoting the same values of respect for design, this shoe design captured our creative imagination in Savrani Creations Athens, Greece atelier.

This original shoe design, it has been exclusively designed by both Chrysanthi Kosmatou, and Katerina Savrani, for empowering women’s fashion style.
Being inspired by the collar of men’s shirt, “MEN” reveals their love for traditional craft practices.

“MEN” is designed to express the fullness of unbelievably creative moments.


ONE, the exclusive Design for your lifestyle

The art of color is my primary source of inspiration.

Every day, walking down the street in London during London Fashion Week,
I love to explore new color mixture, original shades, and patterns for my way to dress.

New primary colors bring a strong vibrancy to stories.
I’m excited to emphasize ribbons, buttons, and zippers.

In my eyes, innovative design is always a play on contrast.
Black or white silk shirt in action and playful colors, embroidered ribbons are the highlights of ONE, the exclusive silk shirt.

Without play, there can be no design to inspire your street style,
and without fun, there can be no imagination.

These creative elements are essential for now and extremely relevant for the future.