Fashion Awards 2019, what does the full winner’s list show today? Still, dare now to push towards creativity. Afterthought, How luxury brands are constantly looking for new cultural energy?

The Fashion Awards 2019 in London become the symbol of progression, opportunity, and creativity. To clarify, It’s about a challenge to discover a new way of thinking, new choices, and a new vision of the future. This new generation of exceptional individuals explores novelty, pushing towards creativity. Whatever you do and whatever level of the market you are, these inspiring talents keep on surprising you. Yes, as I write these words, the initial goal might be to add real value, focus on the future, and influence the way we live.

photo source: British Fashion Council, BFC Chair Stephanie Phair, and BFC CEO Caroline Rush open the Fashion Awards 2019 red carpet.

Which is always the role of the British Fashion Council today? Afterward, which is the full list of the amazing Fashion Awards 2019 winners? Open your eyes and see!

On the evening of 2 December 2019, I realized once again the value of the business support initiative. Likewise, in 2018, the BFC raised over £2.3 million for its charities and business support initiatives. Moreover, out of which £1.1 million will be allocated directly to scholars and designer businesses. However, this achievement of the British Fashion Council, a not for profit organization, is the key to the progress of the next generation of talents in British Fashion. Above all, Do dreams, and start to influence the world with imagination needs commitment, generosity, and mentoring to emerging designers, to fashion startups and established brands.  An international panel of Fashion experts votes ten of the winners. Five were Special Recognition Awards. Finally, the British Fashion Council Designer Members voted for the new award: The Designer’s Designer Award. The Fashion Awards 2019 Winners please discover more here

How does a Fashion Stylist would feel in the streets of London during the Fashion Awards 2019 the need for change? Who would be the protagonists? What would she wear? Would the design of graduates create new aesthetic trends?

The announcement of the White Show by the Central Saint Martins to the Royal Alber Hall for the first time has suddenly woken up my creative imagination. If we focus on the creativity of graduate talents, then we not only have to talk about it. We need to feel their inspiring design in the streets, in real life, where garments make us look beautiful. It was an exciting idea for me that I shared with three graduate students from Cyprus. I had the opportunity to meet them, in Athens during Athens Exclusive Designers Week 2019, look them at the eyes, and finally say: Let’s do it!

Yes, unconditionally, I do believe that the best catwalk is in the street. That is the moment where people embrace new aesthetics. What should I wear in London right now? How do people dress in London during the Fashion Awards 2019? I would love to thank the three talented graduate students who allowed me to let my imagination free and create the best London street style 2019. With no hesitation or second thought, people in the street embraced these three outfits, and today they allow us to believe in creativity. To make such items, we need to invest in experimentation. That is a commitment to art, craftsmanship, and textile recherche.

For the Fashion Awards 2019, my protagonists are Eleni Ipsou, Marios Florou, and Alex Taratynova graduates of Alexander College. Each outfit is an inspiration born out of my love for textiles, and an eagerness to inspire desirable garment concepts. My warmest congratulations to Pantelis Pantelis Fashion Course Leader of Alexander college who support students to realize their vision. I do believe that graduates in fashion will make us look beautiful, and will define our personality in the years to come.

 Interview & Street Style in London during the Fashion Awards 2019

with Eleni Ipsou, IP_SUIT, graduate of Alexander College