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How does light of the city influence your sartorial or casual look?

 Walk in the city! ...

Have your eyes open, think of the future now and discover Burberry, MAKERS HOUSE Sept. 2016


How does Nature reveal the beauty of neutral colors for your daily way to dress?


Top 6 reasons to explore the Tailored to Fit at the Victoria and Albert Museum during London Fashion Week

Categorie: DESIGN Discover now the Top 6 reasons to explore the Tailored to Fit at the Victoria and Albert Museum during London Fashion Week. Open your eyes and see. Photo credits by Chrysanthi Kosmatou READ MORE   Go back to the HOME PAGE

How to define your personal tie style today?


Think-Feel-Discover.com : LISTEN to the Poetry of KNITWEAR

 Inspiration for knitwea...

How does a knitted dress embrace today your body? Meantime, stop and take the risk to discover it.

 Let's DANCE with yar...

Dare to discover your own white shirt now!