How to stay home, stay creative during the quarantine becomes the call to action of a Fashion Stylist? Discover now 5 tips to make your office space during the quarantine look fun yet always creative.

Welcome to my first article exclusively on the page of Think-Feel-Discover blog. Uncertainty all over the world continues because of coronavirus pandemic, and stay home became the call to action of my daily routine. However, for me, as a Fashion Stylist and Blogger, there is a great need to respond with increased adaptability and flexibility of thinking.

How can I be creative every day during the quarantine? What does it mean to stay home and be creative? In short, why is creativity important in life? Above all, I saw this as an opportunity to tell my personal stories. In sort, Stay home, stay creative is my call to action, my way to talk about what I love to do in fashion, my choice to bring a little bit of joy into our lives.


Stay creative now. Dare to stop for a minute. Again, think, share your opinion today. Stay home and everyday spread your ideas. Finally, explore what’s possible.

Express me, open the door to your comments, talk about me, and share styling tips during the quarantine every week is the starting point to express a dynamic, and revolutionary dialogue: Together, we will broaden our horizon. Firstly, we will enter a new era of invention, where imagination is the protagonist.

Secondly, I’ll invite you to stop for a minute and think, talk about, to share your opinion. Express yourself, be spontaneous, ask for advice, spread your ideas, and explore what’s possible.

Recently, a comment to my Instagram account made me learn something new: “Santhi, every time that I look at your photos, I receive so much positive energy. Thank you for keep on smiling and sharing creative ideas”.

At the moment I read the comment above I said to myself: Santhi if this freedom to express individuality attracts other thinkers from across disciplines, then this, in turn, grows new communities. Moreover, it forms links between innovation, understanding, kindness, and creativity sharing.

For some reason, this new dialogue between you and me, I do believe that this is the next phase in making and creating. Most importantly, consider that creativity can unite and bring people together by sharing their experiences, their values, their daily routine, and reveal the surprising habits of original thinkers. In conclusion, new ways of making and creating bring unlimited freedom in design. Do the unexpected, be wild, unique and rebellious. More than thirty days now in quarantine, I encourage me to be true to myself, enable self-confidence and originality.


Top 5 Home Office ideas that will make you always want to stay home and work all day. Discover it now.

As a Fashion creative, I must be a storyteller. Stay home in quarantine is a new lifestyle, a new reality that art will define with fantasy, optimism, originality, and experimentation. My favourite place to create surprise and newness in fashion is my office. During the last thirty days, I had the time to organize it in the simplest way possible.



First of all, I felt free to understand my priorities. How do I make my office space look fun professionally? How to make it a little bit cosier and inviting? Since my work is at home, here are some great ideas for making your workspace look fun while keeping it professional.

Be at home, stay creative now: 5 tips How to make your office space during the quarantine look fun yet always creative

1)Stop and Create a new Moodboard for your wall decor. Add now value to your day-to-day environment.

For me, a motivated, and colourful mood board is the perfect choice to decorate my wall space. Firstly, It’s modern, stylish, and helps me to be always positively creative. Secondly, It offers me a way to stay focus on my styling ideas and keep my office organized. Moreover, It encourages me to be new, exciting, self-expressive and unique. Know yourself, combine that with research into what is going in the upcoming colour mixture, shades, and patterns, my mood board is a necessity, not just a thing to have.

However, The mood board I created is my inspiration for vibrating pastels and intense brights. Blue, orange, coral, green, and red reflect energy, optimism, and give life in a multi-coloured mixture. The upcoming clothing collections of designers for Summer 2020-21 will look for new experiences, filled with the light and energy of pastels.

Natural ingredients and new grains became messages of my daily routine in quarantine. However, plants nature’s beauty is vital for my way of thinking. Likewise, looking at my mood board every single day during my favourite coffee time, I say to myself: Stay home, stay creative, and appreciate life. Your vital meditation makes worth it to hang a mood board on your wall. Add value to your day-to-day environment at your office to make you want to work all day.