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♦Think-Feel-Discover: Firstly, a huge congratulations on participating in Athens Exclusive Designers Week 2019. How did you get involved with AXDW 2019?

Thank you so much! It was an opportunity for me to showcase my graduate collection. A unique experience for me to see for the first time my clothes on the catwalk, and meet people of the industry,

♦Think-Feel-Discover: How did it feel when your name was read out during the show?

Super excited and blessed about starting leaving my dream.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Which university did you attend, and what course did you study? 

Alexander College, UWE Bristol. Fashion course.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What is the most valuable thing that you learned there?

The most valuable thing I learned is to listen to new things and started thinking out of the box.

 ♦Think-Feel-Discover: Tell us about your story. What lead you to fashion and choosing that course?

When I was a kid, I was in love with playing with my sister’s dolls. I was changing the clothes on them. I enjoyed changing their look.

 ♦Think-Feel-Discover: Tell us about your story. What lead you to fashion and choosing that course?

I explored many themes about Formula 1/motorsport. I learned a lot of things about racing sports clothes.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What themes do you explore with your final year project? And what do they mean to you?

This collection is giving a sporty way in the fashion world for a woman with power who likes to taking risks and going fast until the end.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Talk us through your final project presented at AXDW. How did that come about?

I used the patchwork technique with real leather for my graduate collection. I enjoyed indeed combining new fabrics and shapes.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What messages do you explore through your design project? 

I explored many messages for my style. I decided what kind of designer I want to be, and I defined my customer’s profile.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: How would you describe your style? What influences you the most?

Street/urban style. Pop stars and superstars of American music is what influences me the most. Nicki Minaj is my muse.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: How are you hoping your work will evolve in the future?

I’m hoping my work will take place in the United States of America with my stores and having fashion shows in the Universal and international Fashion Weeks.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Where do you hope to be in five years?

A successful fashion designer in the USA!

 ♦Think-Feel-Discover: If you could give one piece of advice to yourself in the first year at university, what would it be?

To listen more, and be open on working on new things.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What top five tips would you give to final year students? 

Be happy, stay focus, be open for new things, not to be stressed, and love fashion.

 ♦Think-Feel-Discover: When and why did you decide to become a Fashion Designer?

From the moment I can remember myself. I was a little kid, and the reason is that fashion is my life.

♦Think-Feel-Discover:  What does fashion creativity mean to you?

If you love fashion, you also love creativity. It’s the first thing you discover when you start to create.

 ♦Think-Feel-Discover: Which is your motto in life?

God is good!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What type of woman do you see wearing your pieces?

I see a strong, powerful woman with a stylish aesthetic, who knows how to stand out of the crowd.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: If you could describe your aesthetic in 5 words, what would be they?

Sexy, playful, colorful, sporty, and pop aesthetic.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What do you expect the most for your life?

To be a successful fashion designer and to fulfill all of my dreams.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What does it mean for you to participate in street style photography during the Fashion Awards 2019 in London? 

It means so many things. Now, it’s the starting point of my career, and I am grateful for this participation. I am very excited.

Interview & Street Style in London during the Fashion Awards 2019

with Alex Taratynova, a graduate of Alexander College