How the Street Style London becomes the fast connection between four women today? Top Trends to wear now.

Four Street Style London, four women but one collection become the hottest LFW 2021 trends to wear now. In the age of social media, I decided to start my journey as a Fashion Designer from London. The made to order concept is not new. However, instinctively I realized that as a brand, I needed to adopt a new business model. What was a luxury and exclusive service for wealthy customers is now a necessity.

♦Photo credits: Alan Watson, Instagram @sartorialsnapper

That is how the brand was born: First of all, Think about my customers as I think about myself. Secondly, Feel their needs, create a design that passionate them to wear it all day long. Finally, Discover with customers how their clothes from a simple sketch become a final product. Today, four women are more than willing to tell their stories through London Fashion Week Street Style. For them, London fashion is a new journey through design creativity. In the future, fashion is a collective approach to style. However, Share what they need, inform themselves, and support

Why London is always the hottest city with the newest Fashion Trends 2021 to wear today?

As the Fashion Editor and creator of this brand, London have always had a collective approach to my design thinking. I find joy in collaboration with women who are willing to learn about their clothes. It is more than just a “Who made my clothes” or ” Meet our makers”. Likewise, make them appreciate the craft, the effort, and the time put into each piece they wear. Opening the door to my first limited edition clothing collection, I invited three exceptional women to interact with street style photography in Athens, Greece and London during the London Fashion Week 17-21 September 2021.

♦Photo credits: Alan Watson, Instagram @sartorialsnapper

Taking photos with real women was an antidote to the previous covid19 lockdown. A change of connection and interaction allowed all of us to present you today the re-writing of Fashion Trends 2021 as real women in real-time love to wear. Buying clothes is out, be free to imagine is In. collection becomes the voice to listen to women’s stories. From now on, the power is in collaborations. Think out of the box and go together: That is the future of brand directions in London if you want to go far.

For more photos about Limited Edition Collection in London during the LFW21 you can also see here: London Street Fashion 2021 runs faster to inspire your style now. Yet, The Best street style to wear today.

Best Street Style London for 2021 to wear by a new generation of women: Discover now the thinkers of tomorrow in fashion.

My name is Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Santhi for my London Fashion friends. I am the founder of the limited edition clothing brand for creatives. Start now to Think out of the box and collaborate with me to build a platform for creativity. Ivka, Maira, and Danai connected their imagination, embraced my message invitation and started to create a flexible, new way of Fashion Trends 2021 UK. Let’s listen to them.

♦Photo credits: Alan Watson, Instagram @sartorialsnapper

♦ Ivka, How did you meet Santhi? And how did the idea of wearing the clothing collection in London during the LFW2021 come to fruition?

♦Ivka: Speaking for myself, it came from a professional friend in London. Santhi is coming to London for the London Fashion Week 2021. However, I met her for a coffee to talk about the clothing collection. Being for years in the fashion industry, I was in the idea of sharing creativity.

♦Ivka, Instagram @ivkaivus

Walking down the streets in London, it was a unique feeling for me to wear such beautiful colours in my daily life. I think it’s valuable to see the quality, appreciate what I buy, and have a physical connection with Santhi. Because of Covid-19, I still realize the importance of the physical presence with the brand. I enjoyed everything I wore, and I felt exclusive. Think-Feel-Discover my feminity, why not? That is the best London street style for me.

1)The Casual Mini Dress, the celebration of Street Style London by Ivka.

The casual mini dress every woman is going to wear is full of joyfulness. It is about A cute simple dress in a creative mixture of bright colours that looks captivating on Ivka. The idea of wearing it with leggings in bright blue and trendy high heels create a new sense of optimism. In addition, women casual dress brings bright colours and eccentric prints to everyday clothing.

No matter your silhouette, this unique mini dress will make you feel just right to wear. From mini to midi dress, this sleeveless mini dress allows for endless accessorizing options. Just pair it with this stylish trench coat in ultra-violet colour, and your mini dress will feel like new every time. Trust me: trench coat is the best trend to shop for now and wear forever.

♦ Maira, How did you meet Santhi?

♦Maira: Santhi and I know each other from friends in Athens, Greece. I don’t know where or how, but I always wanted to wear clothes that Santhi would love to design. The London Fashion Week Street Style 2021 project challenged my imagination. Wearing the collection came quite naturally for me.

♦Maira, Instagram @maira_vourou

So, I just wore a trending T-shirt design that Santhi painted, and I said to myself: Yes, that is a T-shirt design Trend to keep an eye on in 2021. I am excited to be the model and the wearer of the brand. In short, the advantage is that I can have a personal opinion of what I am wearing. That is London Fashion Week Street Style for me. I love it. Santhi, what about the next one? I am totally in the idea.

2)The Casual Mini Dress, stay creative, stand up and stand out by Maira.

Maira translated the Stay Creative Mini dress to highlight her love for no rules in style. Wear it with your jeans short shorts. There are no rules. If you stay creative, you are ready to break them. Comfort, protest, a sense of dynamism become the new rules of femininity.

I’ll wear your casual mini dress with my sneakers.That is how I feel free to move in my daily life.

Why not? You do well, Maira! Your values are important here. Express with honesty your style, tell your story, stay authentic, and embrace craftsmanship. Be you and walk down the street: That is the best catwalk for casual mini dress.