3)The Tulle cardigan: The luxury of classics.

The new meaning of luxury in fashion is high-quality fabrics for casual wear or tailored city looks. The new Tulle cardigan is Maira’s delicate approach to classics. Wearing it with Think-Feel-Discover.com ivory zip culotte and white bralette, she invites you to relax.

Feel good, be stylish, and look irresistibly feminine. The luxury of classics means soft, fluid, beloved clothes with a fabulous touch. This minimal, elegant look is sophisticated and chic. Somehow very feminine and cool at the same time.

♦Think-Feel-Discover.com: Danai, How did you meet Santhi?

♦Danai: I remember I first met Santhi at Maira’s house. I had no idea of what she loves to do in fashion as I am a volleyball player. When she asked me to take part in the project, I said yes. Let’s do it. I wanted to collaborate with Santhi and discover how to style clothes in a way I didn’t know before.

♦Danai, Instagram @_dkst_

Today, I would say that I learned from this collaboration. Being feminine, being a woman is great to start with the Think-Feel-Discover.com brand. Santhi’s passion and motivation together make it work. My advice is for more women to join us. Think about what you wear, Feel the quality, and discover your style is a mission and vision to share.

4)The new tulle mini dress: be sensual, calm, the new message for beauty by Danai.

Danai looks so calm, comfortable, and naturally beautiful indeed in this new tulle mini dress. For her, balance, softness, and luxury fabrics create a modern mini dress. Colour harmonies of nude pinks add sensual neutrality. It is not about being pretty or delicate. However, It is far from athleisure. It is about the beauty of harmony and kindness.

It is about women who know who they are and who want to live their lives. This simple tulle dress is one of the most versatile pieces of the season. You can wear it with your ankle boots and denim short shorts. Wear it to a wedding or a cocktail party, or a fashion event. This cosy mini tulle dress looks gentle, elegant, feminine, and sexy.

Four Street Style London to keep an eye on in 2021. Hottest LFW trends to wear now. Editor’s thoughts.

Presenting the first Think-Feel-Discover.com collection during the LFW 2021 was a celebration of who I am and what London represent in my creative imagination. The collective part of London is the voice to invite more people into the conversation of creativity. Collaborating with these amazing women and wearing my clothes becomes the voice of self-discovery as a designer.

I love the idea of sharing clothing experiences with women. British Street style values collaboration. For me, the Think-Feel-Discover.com collection is my way to connect creatives. What an honour to create clothes that identify women’s daily life stories. That is the world I am excited to discover.

♦Photo credits: Alan Watson, Instagram @sartorialsnapper

Four Street Style London to keep an eye on in 2021. Hottest LFW trends to wear now.

♦Mini Casual Dress, Ultra Violet Trench Coat, Tulle Cardigan & Tulle Mini dress
Think-Feel-Discover.com Limited Edition Collection
♦Sunglasses By Ofthalmos. gr 
♦Photo rights © & styling by Think-Feel-Discover.com

♦Photo credits: Alan Watson, Instagram @sartorialsnapper

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Friday 5 November 2021.