TAIPEI FASHION WEEK Autumn/Winter 2023, a new vocabulary between Traditional Performance, Craftsmanship and Fashion. Still, what is the vision of craftsmanship today in Taipei?

Save the date: On Saturday, 8th of April, 2023, TAIPEI FASHION WEEK will continue the dialogue between Traditional Performance, Craftsmanship and Fashion to progress. Moreover, on the 22nd of March, Tapei Fashion Week  held a fantastic show in front of the Nankushen Daitian Temple in Tainan. However, seven fashion designers, traditional artisans and performing artists presented a captivating fashion show. Likewise, the ultimate celebration of craftsmanship and cultural pride. In short, which is the vision of TAIPEI FASHION WEEK 2023? What is the craftsmanship today in Taipei? How do we traverse the future of creators in fashion?

Above all, TAIPEI FASHION WEEK 2023 in Taiwan explores fashion beyond economic systems. Are you ready to discover it? It throughs light on status and personality with Taipei’s cultural history. In addition, collaborations between artists and contemporary designers give a new message to the international Fashion Scene today: Strive forward, encourage makers and designers to expand ideas and remain flexible to adapt to the future of creativity in fashion. A new dialogue between Traditional Performance, Craftsmanship and Fashion has already begun.

Why the amazing Nankushen Daitian Temple in Tainan defines the traditional craft culture? Again, How does TAIPEI traverse the modern future in art today?

The TAIPEI FASHION WEEK A/W 2023 took place at The Nankunshen Daitian Temple, an iconic temple with a long history in Taiwan. However, the exceptional woodwork, carvings, and sculpture of the Nankushen Daitian Temple represent the influential power of the most beautiful temples of the time. It is the oldest temple of the Five Lords, which remains the centre of the Wang Ye folk religion. A historical temple with 360 years of history represents priceless fashion elements in each crucial historical moment. To sum up, the traditional craft culture of the Nankunshen Daitian Temple is the perfect backdrop to display collections that preserve tradition in modern life.

TAIPEI FASHION WEEK 2023 at Nankunshen Daitian Temple in Tainan, Dyelog PR London, April 8th

Taiwan is the centre of the Mandarin pop music industry. It is about a fascinating blend of traditional and modern culture to showcase its cultural history. Many aspects of Chinese arts, crafts and customs find distinguished expression in Taiwan than anywhere else. Likewise, Taiwan is one of the few places still using the tradition of Chinese characters, and calligraphy competitions are always popular events. This skilful blending of the rich history across the centuries with current fashion creatives becomes a new message for the dialogue between Traditional Performance, Craftsmanship and Fashion Runway Show in Tapei Fashion week A/W 2023.

Who are the best creators of the new dialogue at the TAIPEI Runway show today? Open your eyes and discover it.

Familiar fashion designers collect the puzzle of feelings, emotions, and artworks in this year’s show. Collaborations that value sustainability create things you want to wear for a long time. However, a Runway Show makes a step forward in fashion creativity. These collaborations allow us to connect Taiwan’s cultural pride and update history.

1) C JEAN collaborated with the lacquer artist Ching-Shuang Wang.

Chun-Yuan Jean is a designer who combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion while focusing on social and environmental issues. She has a deep knowledge of fabric development. Constantly, she explores the application of sustainable materials in fashion design. Her design creativity demands high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. As a result, she is the first Taiwanese artist to receive the Fiber Art Bronze Award.

Lacquer Art is an artistic expression of time through the repeated process of layers. This ritual of repetition brings calm and steadiness. Choosing something and sticking to it for life is Wang’s philosophy. In his intricate “high Maki-e” technique, Wang Ching-Shuang depicts natural themes such as landscapes, flowers, birds, and fruits in his works. His aesthetics, professionalism, outlook on life, artistic philosophy, and commitment to craftsmanship are the core of his art.

2) GIOIA PAN with Taiwanese opera master Mei-Yun Tang.

GIOIA PAN Yiliang is among the few global designers in knitting fashion. With knitting techniques as common threads, GIOIA PAN collections emphasize both textures and designs. Her originality combines elegant, retro, romantic, and classy styles. However, Gioia has the expertise to depict clean outlines of perfect contours with pendulous and elastic knitwear. Driven by her passionate pursuit of knitting artistry, Gioia unrelentingly kindles fresh fashion sparks and enjoys fame as the Knitting Queen.

TANG Mei-Yun is currently the head and artistic director of the TANG Mei-Yun Taiwanese Opera Troupe. She has won the National Cultural Award and the National Award of Art. Above all, we admire her commitment to the inheritance and rooting of Taiwanese opera and top representatives.

3) JUST IN XX with traditional temple painter Wu-Nan Zhuang.

It is a story about the fantastic experience of a group of middle school students who became possessed by deities while visiting a temple to light sky lanterns. The inspiration for the collection came from YU-Ying Chou’s personal experience in middle school when he witnessed baseball players possessed by deities. In this collection, uniform shirts, lantern skirts, sports shirts, and baseball jackets transform the distinctive lines of sky lanterns and temple structures.

Master temple painter Zhuang Wu-Nan insists on using the “pi ma chua hui” technique. To protect the surface, he covers it with sackcloth and applies a layer of tung oil ash before painting. He is a master of colouring, painting, and drawing. In addition, Zhuang specializes in painting duotou (the heads of the cross-beams) and chi tiger murals. He excels in painting the Door Gods. Likewise, he is an iconic temple artist in Taiwan. We found his works in famous temples such as Taipei’s Hsin Tian Temple and Dalongdong Baoan Temple.

4) BOB JIAN with Zhen Shou Temple Wu Jing Tang Folk Parade Club.

Bob Jian made his debut in the reality show Super Designer. He is the winner of the 2017 Golden Award of the Taipei TOP Fashion Design Award. His brand, BOB Jian, is a custom design brand dedicated to fashioning formal wear. With a deep interest in temple festivals and folk customs, he focuses on delicate handmade techniques such as sewing, pattern making, and innovative applications of different fabrics. Jian specializes in “problem-solving” design.

Zhen Shou Temple Wu Jing Tang Folk Parade Club is a heritage preservation group registered in Tainan City. Founded by temple administrator Wang Yen-Shou, the group preserves the traditional performance art of Bajiajiang. Wang is very particular about the costumes, accessories, facial makeup, and choreography artistry.