How does today the IA London brand showcased by On/Off London during London Fashion Week continues to explore a new approach in captivating prints? Stop for a minute. Be openminded and think now: How new materials and forms always glow and challenge the designer’s innovative design?

During London Fashion Week I continue to be challenged and note the designer’s innovative design. I am always impressed by their color forecast. This February the IA London brand showcased by On/Off London during London Fashion Week rediscovers how to paint new images. How do the designer mix colors, paintings, and authentic artworks when depth become the real world of a hidden sophistication? How the idea of your funeral inspire the IA London materials, forms, and color inspiration? These critical questions are bringing new perspectives in my mind. There is no dought that I love to follow these explorers for the future and discover a new approach in the design process. For me, The IA London Autumn/Winter collection make this journey through creativity real.

Who is now the creative director behind the innovative IA London brand and what finally makes the brand’s design always unique? Stop and discover: How today the made in Britain inspires the unique personalization of the brand?

The IA London brand is a British Avantgarde emergent designer, supported and showcased by On/Off London during London Fashion Week. On/Off has launched the collection of several major British and international fashion designers, including Gareth Pugh, Peter Pilotto and J.W Anderson.
Ira Avezov is the creative director of the IA London brand. She began her design process by creating distinctive handpainted digital artworks, working directly to the pattern. What makes her work to stand out is that she is working on the prints selected by high-end retailers. In collaboration with them, she creates unique personalized womenswear, menswear, and accessories made exclusively to the highest quality in the UK. A new way to create that reflects an original way of thinking in fashion.

How today the IA London brand new approach for A/W 2019, is always looking at the cultural energy of prints? Open your eyes and see: How the idea of death creates soon the perfect balance between materials and craftsmanship?

The digital textile printing is a technique that I always focus on designer’s collections during London Fashion Week.

Amazing printed leggings, hijabs, extravagant patterns, and generous shapes to envelop the body with artwork paintings at the IA London upcoming collection. In my eyes, it is about an ultra-modern concept, technically smart that captivates the beauty of dark color shades. Immediately I thought that sometimes death is a play with light. Then I discovered a perfect balance between materials and craftsmanship.

The IA London brand outfits are designed to suit the occasion in unique sculpture-like pieces. In the designer’s creative imagination the idea of death creates wearable, interesting clothes and accessories.