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What do you know today for London Fashion Week 2021? Finally, Which is the future of the Fashion Industry now in London?

Rethinking the London Fashion Week 2021 this February, I discovered many different ways to get inspired. To dream, and why not to make space for things and experiences that re-evaluate the role of London Fashion Week. In the past few months, the Pandemic has drastically changed the International Fashion Week Calendar. For me, as a Fashion Editor and blogger, one thing is certain: I could never explain how things evolve in fashion If I didn’t have started to attend London Fashion Week in 2015.

However,  I explored a world full of imagination. In short, I had the fortune to start as a “blank page” with my camera. That is to say, I realized that during London Fashion Week, fashion creatives are always ready for the unexpected to happen.

Photo credits Giannis Vlaseros

The Dreamers show us the way: Stop and see now the best photography exhibition of 5 years London Fashion Week.

What is creativity during London Fashion Week 2021 for a fashion editor and blogger since the cancellation of physical fashion shows by Covid-19? However, today I welcome you to the “The Dreamers show us the way”: 5 years London Fashion Week photography exhibition.

Photo credits Giannis Vlaseros

Firstly, It is about my first London Fashion Designers shows photography exhibition. Secondly, I had the honour to launch it officially at the beginning of the pandemic 12-14 June 2020 thanks to the hosting of the Hellenic Photographic Society. In addition, discover more today about where and when my photography exhibition took place here: The Dreamers show us the way.

Photo credits Giannis Vlaseros

Facing today’s uncertainties, I realized that to me, creativity in London is the ultimate experience of capturing with my lens designer’s identity and culture. Above all, it’s about putting some real feeling into what I do as a Fashion Editor and blogger. Since the cancellation of physical fashion shows in London by Covid-19, I placed my trust in creativity. I anchored myself to refocus differently in UK Fashion designers.

1)The Dreamers Show us the way photography exhibition: Stop now: First, what are you going to see? Second, impossible to miss it today.

The exhibition covers six London Fashion Week show sources:  OnOff London, Burberry, Paul Costelloe, Fashion Scout London, Graduate Fashion, and LFW designers. Likewise, it is a great collective of 35 London Fashion Week show I attended from 2015 until February 2020. Moreover, that is my way as a Fashion Editor and blogger to celebrate the beauty of making and creating in London Fashion Week 2021. In my eyes, the main purpose of a fashion show is still a great source of inspiration.

Photo credits Giannis Vlaseros

2) Stop and think again: Are the Fashion shows alive today? Still, Discover it now.

I do believe that the development of fashion shows is the development of history itself. In other words, is not just a simple presentation of fashion design. Above all, Fashion has the instinct to increase consideration and awareness. In conclusion, I do think that in future the fashion shows will play the most important role in our society. Now, fashion designers have to dress for people with more creativity, less waste, and celebrate the human dimension.

Photo credits Giannis Vlaseros

In an increasingly digital world, the fashion show for British designers is the call to action for contemporary crafts, sustainable, and organic products. My vision is to make space for experiences that will give value to everyday life. In the same vein, I am still a dreamer continuously searching for sharing designers stories, and give voice to their creativity.

Photo credits Giannis Vlaseros

Above all, I do believe that the longest journeys in fashion start with the soul. During London Fashion Week 2021 Fashion Designers have a different story to tell, but they all have this common: they manage to create with passion, to innovate, and inspire us. For me, the hope behind this exhibition is the public’s chance to see first and understand why supporting fashion in London is so important. In sort, Fashion shows are alive. They have their own secret life. Let yourself enjoy British fashion design beauty.

#BeCreative Fashion Week 12-14 June 2020 by

The Dreamers show us the way: 5 years London Fashion Week show photography exhibition

at the Hellenic Photographic society.

Fashion show of ON/OFF LONDON during London Fashion Week 2019.

♦Designers: Kirsty Ward, David Longshaw, website:


Fashion show of ON/OFF LONDON during London Fashion Week 2019.

♦Designer: Colin Horgan, website: