How street style during London Fashion Week explores people’s way to dress? Stop for a minute and think about it now. Discover the blue color and be always in style.

I always believed that the best fashion style is on the street. Where you can stop and explore what people really love to wear in their daily life without styling rules.
In my eyes, Blue color represents the question below: How to live a life of authenticity? Walking down the street in London last February, I focused on blue color and new design detail. I explored a different shade of Blue. In mixture with brights, blue really looks original, intelligent and sophisticated.
Cuts, fabrics, and colors are reworked with a chic destructuring. The transformation of style reveals new blue color shades. Playful colors emphasize people’s style and the result is a mix of shades from daily life. With an even stronger street influence, city dressing becomes less and less formal. Be inspired!

How does fashion will be inspired by people’s daily dressing code? Is it a new approach to Fashion Week Style? Doppio CLICK, the new approach to street style. Be inspired now.

Doppio CLICK is my new approach to street style as a stylist during fashion events. In my eyes, in the near future, we will talk more about what people really love to wear than trends. Quality, original design, unisex style of dressing is becoming a powerful force in fashion. Nowadays people are looking for comfort, authenticity, and style. Doppio CLICK is here in London. Let the street tell what it is fashion! Just BE INSPIRED!

London Fashion Week AW/17

Doppio C L I C K: BLUE



By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, March 15/2017