How does the wooden handbag trends 2020 represent already the current development of London Fashion Week Street Style today? Afterwards, act now. Discover the amazing new wooden bag experience.

Beyond aware of London Fashion Week Street Style challenges 14-18 February 2020, I took a closer look at new wooden handbag trends 2020 by Wood Experience. For me, sustainable design has become a priority for my way to dress during Fashion Week. However, my relationship with wood material represents the current development of fashion and street style 2019-2020. What to wear to London Fashion Week hasn’t to do with trends. Above all, it’s about forward-thinking, fashion enthusiasts, and an expression of personality and individuality.

Who is Wood Experience brand today? How does that come to life? Afterthought, think now: Why a Wood Experience bag still makes you the owner of a one-of-a-kind piece?

Wood Experience is an idea that came to life, inspired by nature, trees, and love for craftsmanship with traditional methods. Two friends had to rediscover the best way to implement wood as part of our daily life and create unique accessories.

They created wooden bags and accessories in a traditional–styled workshop. Their products are entirely hand made. None of them is filling or veneer but 100% massive wood.

Every handbag or clutch bag is handmade. Buying a Wood Experience bag or accessory makes you the owner of a one-of-a-kind piece.

Moreover, you can explore all the wooden clutch bags, handbags, and accessories at their website:

What will fashion be like in 2020? Open your eyes and see now. What are the latest wooden handbag trends 2020?

My London Fashion Week Street Style 2020 today affirms a desire to offer sustainable fashion solutions to handbag trends 2020. I challenged my fantasy, and I listened to Pandora wooden bag story. My outfit is a call for difference, surprising expression, and volume. Feminity no longer stands for beauty or fragility. Today’s woman for Pandora wooden bag reflects a woman ready to choose her destiny. She stands in full power of herself, and she embraces her freedom.

Natural materials like wood, they inspired me this group of earthy colours. I loved cocoa brown and warm shades of neutrals. In mixture with this voluminous dress in contemporary design made Pandora wooden handbag to stand out. Long-line shapes, fluidity, and tailoring references create something bespoke. In my eyes, it’s about unique pieces where the beauty is in detail.

Interview and street style for handbag trends 2020 with Wood Experience during London Fashion Week 14-18 February 2020.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: First of all, let me congratulate you both for launching your wooden bag brand called WOOD EXPERIENCE. Could you tell us a bit about your background? When did you decide both become a wooden bag designer? 

First of all, thank you for this interview, we appreciate it. The absurd in our story is that we both came from engineering. Andreas is Mechanical Engineer, and Stelios is Civil Engineer. After our graduation in Greece, we came back to Cyprus. Due to the financial crisis in Europe, it was hard to find work related to our studies.

Stelios’s father Mr Giannis Pantziaros is a carpenter in the last 50 years with a very well know-how of the “art of wood”. So it was easy for us to have access in this art and inspired by nature, trees and a love for traditional but superior craftmanship, this idea came to life.


♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What’s the idea behind Wood Experience, your brand name? Which is the inspiration behind the brand?

As we said, is an idea that came to life, inspired by nature, trees and a love for traditional but superior craftmanship. However, It is the story of two friends who had the urge to rediscover the best way to make wood a part of our everyday life and create unique accessories while giving mother nature the kudos she deserves, hence the WOOD EXPERIENCE.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What kind of wood do you use? Do you mix wood with other materials?

We only use wood from trees that are allowed to be cut by law. Every WE product differs slightly due too the wood’s nature. Expect from wood we use fine and specially selected leather.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Where do you find creative inspiration?

Our inspiration comes from the woman whatever that means.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What does define your wooden bag style? Why should a woman choose Wood Experience clutch bag or handbag?

Buying a Wood Experience bag makes you the owner of a one of a kind piece. At Wood Experience, we do not just make a few bags and accessories. We aim to produce items that will become a part of your life. Just like trees, they play a vital role in our daily life. In our workshop, we create wooden bags which become a part of your life story.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Every wooden handbag in your collection has a name. What’s the story behind Pandora handbag that we are going to present in London during London Fashion Week 2020?

The design of Pandora handbag is too different. Pandora was the mythological first woman on earth whose curiosity caused her to lift a forbidden box, and inadvertently unleash all the evils of the world. So for us, Pandora handbag is unique. In our creative imagination, Pandora will bring back the balance we need in this world.