Why is upcycling the biggest new trend in fashion right now? The hottest already challenge for VVEAVE has already started.


Re-make, re-purpose and re-craft clothing are at the heart of upcycling and reusing. Showcasing the skills, innovative ideas, and creative talent of fashion craftspeople reflects an individual’s style. Above all, it speaks of community and inclusion of all creative lovers. While providing influencers insight into what their communities are searching for.

VVEAVE can also factor in stylists’ insider skills, vision, and know-how for a round fit and wearability. In addition, for consumers, VVEAVE gives everyone a seat at the table – to express their individuality through style and open the doors to a creative process traditionally reserved for industry insiders. Finally, Finally, VVEAVE offers tools and access to emerging or SME designers and creators: to build their brand – from creating or meeting the demand for uniqueness – to production of small batch, just-in-time manufacturing.

With social, environmental and political problems becoming business issues, the fashion industry has multiple challenges with outdated business models. It can benefit creatively and commercially by embracing changing consumer demand and behaviours. The increasing importance of sustainability promotes talent and protects individuality and creativity. At VVEAVE, we are helping transform these challenges into revenue-generating opportunities. Sarah Lamarche, Founder & CEO at VVEAVE.

Styling today provides greater freedom of creativity and a modern style. Reusing materials and creating something new in fashion is powerful. Let’s use creativity to bring an extra dimension to modern everyday pieces. For VVEAVE, you dream about it. You make it! The choice is yours!

Vintage Versace Upcycled Outfits Revealed at Versace LA Runway Show, Ahead of The Academy Awards


♦Photography: @eastonschirrastudio
♦Styling: @maleeka.moss
Cedric Wilmotte, Robert Hoppenheim, Debra Margles
Caitlin LeRoux, Ruchika Julapalli, Mary Fellowes

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Tuesday 14 March 2023.