What is about The Dreamers show us the way photography exhibition today? Still, always start to think: why is it important now more than ever to discover it?

The Hellenic Photographic Society and Think-Feel-Discover welcome you to the #BeCreative Fashion Week 12-14 June 2020 photography exhibition. The exhibition is the first edition of my last five years of attending a fashion show in London after an invitation as a Fashion Stylist and Blogger. Firstly, It’s my way to explore the influence of British design in fashion. Secondly, it is the first time a Fashion Stylist and Blogger in Greece connects Photographic Society with London Fashion Week.


Still, What are you always going to see? Afterthought, start to discover it today. Soon, Impossible to miss it.

The photography exhibition covers the panel of six London Fashion Week show sources to give rise to different ways of designing, making and wearing fashion in London: OnOff London, Burberry, Paul Costelloe, Fashion Scout London, Graduate Fashion, and designers of the official schedule of London Fashion Week.

Today, I would like to thank the Hellenic Photographic Society for their support to publish my Fashion shows photography. For me, The Dreamers Show us the way is a great collective of 35 London Fashion Week show photos who celebrate the beauty of making and creating in fashion. In my eyes, the main purpose of a fashion show is still a great source of inspiration.

Above all, It is very often the start of a forward-thinking way in my work as a fashion stylist and blogger. Moreover, the recent cancellation of fashion shows worldwide because of the coronavirus pandemic lead me to act. In short, I have the ultimate opportunity with all of you to enjoy Fashion.


Who is the Hellenic Photographic Society today? When it was founded? Finally, How it promotes photography now?

The Hellenic Photographic Society (HPS) was founded in 1952 and was the sole attraction of creative photographers in the 50s, 60s and 70s, with its lectures on creative photography and the Pan-Hellenic photo contests organized by giving incentives to maintain emulation and the establishment of photographic art in our country.

Photo rights Hellenic Photographic Society: www.efe.com.gr

Today, the Hellenic Photographic Society actively participates in photographic events in Greece. Moreover, they represent Greece in Biennales and other international exhibitions. In the same vein, the Hellenic Photographic Society has established the International Photography Festival. For ten years in a row, continues organizing national Photo competitions for over 50 years, Balkan photo contests, and operates the only showroom in Athens exclusively for photography.

In conclusion, The Hellenic Photographic Society is a member of F.I.A.P. (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique International Federation of Photographic Art) since 1954 and is the sole representative in Greece. Since September 2005, the HPS is one of the 28 founding members of “Photo Festival Union”, which the largest Photo Festival in the world.

Where and when the photography exhibition will take place today? In sort, Discover already everything you need to know now.

The photography exhibition by Think-FeelDiscover will be open to the public on 12-14 June 2020. From 6.00 pm-9.00 pm at 12 Pontou street Athens 11524, Greece you are all welcome.

The place where the Hellenic Photographic Society embraces photographers and contributes decisively to the promotion of artistic photographers in Greece.

Which is the future of the London Fashion Week show today? How does a Fashion Stylist and Blogger always celebrate fashion creativity?

It’s a privilege and honour for me as a Fashion Stylist and blogger to attend after invitation over the past 5 years fashion shows in London. Most importantly, to be a part of as visionary as London Fashion Week organized by the British Fashion Council. I was extremely fortunate to be in the right place at the right time from 2015 to 2020, at a great fashion capital. London has shown the most impressive creative young names, from Erdem to Christopher Kane to Mary Katrantzou.

The development of fashion shows is the development of history itself, is not just a simple presentation of fashion design. Fashion has the instinct to talk, to create a future, to increase consideration, and awareness. I do think that in future the fashion shows will play the most important role in our society: Now, fashion designers have to dress people with more creativity, less waste, and celebrate the human dimension.

The Top 3 reasons to attend a Fashion Show in the future. Open your eyes and see.

1)Firstly, this is the right place and time to celebrate simple gestures and find pleasure in making and doing. In my experience London Fashion Week shows are exchanging with other, collaborate, fun, innovative, rediscovery of lost crafts and skills.

2)In an increasingly digital world, the fashion show is the call to action for contemporary crafts, sustainable, and organic products that we need to think, feel, discover live. Here at the #BeCreative Fashion Week 12-14 June 2020 by Think-Feel-Discover.com the Dreamers show us the way for the future of Fashion Week shows.

3)There is only you, fashion creatives showcase your visions of the future. This new generation of creative inventors in the upcoming fashion shows will become the impact of communication and manufacturing technologies in fashion. Certainly, the importance of the fashion show is proudly spreading the word. In my eyes, this is our generation’s opportunity not to put an end to the creative talent of fashion.

You are all welcome to The Dreamers show us the way: five years London Fashion Week show photography 12-14 June 2020. From 6.00 pm-9.00 pm at 12 Pontou street Athens 11524, Greece

#BeCreative Fashion Week 12-14 June 2020 by Think-Feel-Discover.com

The Dreamers show us the way: 5 years London Fashion Week show photography exhibition

at the Hellenic Photographic society.

6.00 pm-9.00 pm

12 Pontou street Athens 11524

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, June 3, 2020