How does black colour reveal today your personal style? Afterthought, pay attention to your daily look and update it. How does black colour affect your lifestyle choices?

As I was thinking about the outfit of this Friday, I had the need to create a sense of calm and make a step forward in my daily look. For me, the black colour palette reveals the real quality of materials and provides options for personal expression.

It is about a monochromatic palette where the black fades. A warm collection of grey creates a soft mood of cooler colour shades.  In my eyes, Black and whites are sources of unexpected colour combinations. Silk Taffeta, knitwear, and metal yarns create an effect that affects your new daily look.


Reinvent your look now! Wear today the asymmetrical moulage skirt and have always amazing style.

My silk Taffetta asymmetrical moulage skirt touches every aspect of my daily life. Suitable for any occasion. Personally speaking, garments that are highly technical in their making, they reveal the freshness of design and reinvent your look. Besides, the fluidity of the asymmetrical moulage skirt, allows me to walk comfortably and have amazing style.


Let knitwear inspire your street style now. Besides, It’s all about the original fabric combinations. Finally, stop and Be ready to discover it.

I do believe that knitwear embraces your everyday style. My soft knit top in mixture with the silk taffeta embraces smoothly my body, representing my high expectation for my Friday look. Opposites always attract our attention. The metal yarns of my knit top add light and justify my love for original fabric combinations. It’s all about expressing yourself.


Ladies don’t be shy. Still, reinvent your accessory look with customised high heels. Think loud. Fashion is always for you.

Ladies rebels and reinvent their accessory look.  Ladies vs Rebels customised high heels underline my love for inspiring design. An original combination of textile, leather, and painting inspired by daily life. Ladies don’t be shy. Think loud and express your needs. Fashion style is for you!

Fashion Style project with Maison Faliakos
 Styling by Chrysanthi Kosmatou 
Asymmetrical moulage skirt customised high heels,
metal knit top, plexiglass cuff by Maison Faliakos 
Bamboo Bag by bmb Bamboo Bags
Hair Stylist & Make-up artist Renos Politis
Sunglasses Italian Independent by Optika Pismopoulou Eleni
Photo credits by Bill Patrick

 By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, November 10/2017