2. Floral motifs and embroideries: Vintage Forties and Fifties shapes.

The ultimate check style, this is a new concept for Einer inspired by vintage Forties and Fifties shapes. However, The fabric defines the shape of the body, from the classic to the modern one. Likewise, one-shoulder style, embellished with multicolor sequins recode the vintage style. Checks are clear, ready to translate the contemporary language of street culture. To sum up, Mixing sophistication with innovation, Roberta Einer re-work Vintage with bright colors and embellished flower references. This is a direct nod to her grandmother’s wardrobe. In short,  a stylish garden that we will love to wear from day tonight.

3. Flowers inspired by artwork From Soviet-era postcards.

In conclusion, traditional Russian embroidery, sequin-drenched disco trousers, and embellished suits bring to life a new design story. In sort,  Do you watch for disco and street? That is your favorite Autumn style. A single statement from a tender rose to red. This story is all about confidence, sexy mood, and sophistication. The street might be luxury now. High fashion is a personal message that Roberta Einer redefines successfully.

When it comes to the Autumn/Winter 2019 collections, we are still living in a word of opposites. Yes, we are all into sustainability, but we are also into embellishment and fantasy. Renovate your style, be openminded, have humor, and explore embroidery. The possibilities are endless.



Roberta Einer  Autumn/Winter 2019  / London Fashion Week February 2019.

Photo credits by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Think-Feel-Discover.com


By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, August 6, 2019