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♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What is your favourite thing to design, and why?

Definitely bags! I believe that bags are the ultimate accessory for your outfit. They elevate the style of every outfit.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: How do you want women to feel when wearing UNICUM bags?

The work UNICUM in Latin means unique. That’s the feeling we want to share with women of today. Be you, wear UNICUM bags, and feel unique.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: How important is it for you to collaborate with me as a Fashion Stylist for street style photography in London during London Fashion Week 2020?

We loved your style from the first moment we met you. We believe in your way to express UNICUM aesthetics. Through your styling ideas, we will have the opportunity to see how the woman of today would love to wear our bag collection. That’s the future in the retail market. Fashion is on the street, and we can’t wait to see your London Street Style live in February 2020 during London Fashion Week.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: How important and why is it for you as an accessory designer to bring your story into life during London Fashion Week 2020?

We love the idea to share our work as accessory designers during such an international fashion event as London Fashion Week. UNICUM accessories is an honour to bring the brand’s story in the global fashion industry. London is one of the most influential cities for professional retailers worldwide. Having feedback from the international fashion industry, it’s a real challenge for us.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: How did you get the inspiration for the colour, the design of the Croco leather handbag?

I was lucky enough to have the experience of working with plenty of quality materials like genuine leather and natural cork. So this year for my bag collection I’ve chosen Croco.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: How does sustainable fashion influence the design of your collection?

Sustainability standards do meet our material standards with natural origin and production techniques standards with zero emissions. We choose to use cork and leather and even electric power from photovoltaic generators. That way, we support the ecological balance.
Respect and protect Nature is our choice in UNICUM accessories.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What makes you passionate about crochet accessories?

It is something delicate, that needs special treatment with your own hands. You can combine crochet techniques with leather patterns and colour pallets and create something Unicum (that you will not have seen everywhere else)!

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: If you could choose only one word to describe your work, what would it be?

Premium! That is the sense we seek for when we produce an item!

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Do you believe in trends?

For me, trends represent first of all some general direction for colour, and design inspiration each season. On the other hand, they reveal our way of living. For example, think about trends of the 60s or 70s. Undoubtedly, they still have a powerful impact on a designer’s inspiration.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: If you could describe UNICUM aesthetic in 5 words, what would be they?

Minimal, chic, premium, unique, original are the words which represent UNICUM accessories.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What does style mean to you?

For me, style means to be beautiful without exaggerate. In my eyes, simplicity is the real luxury today.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What is your favourite colour palette?

I prefer earth tones. On the other hand, all the colours are inspiring. We use bold colours or bright shades when we want to emphasize the design details.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Why do you do what you do? What makes it all worth it?

Designing products with quality and style means a lot to me. It’s my way to communicate with people and make them smile, feel happy, and be always stylish.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What does define your personality?

My family is my priority. Then, my love for nature defines my daily way of living. I love everything that has to do with nature. That’s why I choose to work with natural materials and colours.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What’s your favourite moment of the day?

My favourite moment of the day is when I wake up in the morning, and I know that I’ll go to my studio to do the job that I love. For me, that’s real happiness to work not just for living. That’s the reason why every morning I start my day with positive energy and smiling.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What is your vision in life?

Just let me design, and I will leave happily ever after.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Which is the role of colour in your life?

Colour is feeling for me. It adds energy to my style and challenges my design inspiration every season. Colour is the key to people’s style, and I love to explore it.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the fashion design business?

Spent your time in jobs that make you smile. When you smile, be sure that you will produce valuable products for your life. That’s happiness for the rest of your life.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Where would you like to see UNICUM accessories in five years?

I would love to see UNICUM in stores all around the world. I love the idea of seeing people wearing my design in their daily way to dress. It will make me feel so happy.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover: Which is your motto in life?

I would answer that with a beloved author’s quote of mine. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

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London Fashion Week Street Style 14-18 February 2020 by

UNICUM accessories

Styling by, Instagram: @think_feel_discover

The Italian Leather Handbag by @unicum_accessories

Airy transparent handpainted design by @maisonfaliakos

White shirt by @eatingthegoober

Leather skinny trouser by @politimigian

Leopard pumps by @rialabrinoudi

Pop-up jewellery by @kostaszigirisfunjewelry

@anderneeyewear sunglasses by @ofthalmos_official

Photo credits Instagram @markxphotos

Styling by, Instagram: @think_feel_discover

The New Look Clutch Bag by @unicum_accessories

Dress, fur jacket & knitted long shirt by @christinejoegr

White hat by @elenashvab_millinery

Yellow pumps by @rialabrinoudi

Pop-up jewellery by @kostaszigirisfunjewelry

@dolcegabbana limited edition sunglasses by @ofthalmos_official

Photo credits Instagram @markxphotos

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Wednesday 4, March 2020