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Stop for a minute and think. Discover now the Top 6 reasons to explore Fashion Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum during London Fashion Week. Open your eyes and see.

Being inspired by the cultures from different countries, the idea for my visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum during London Fashion Week came into my head after my visit to London last February. The exhibition of Fashion Design challenged my creative imagination. To me, the influence of the place we live, it gives different ways of designing. But why to explore Fashion Design at a museum? The result is a proud homage to the textile industry. This exhibition is inspired by ancient textile techniques and manufacturing technologies. I do believe that through my lens, we will discover together memories that symbolize the limitless designer’s creations for generations to come. Here, I rediscovered six top reasons to flourish your aesthetics into images of historical heritage:

♦ Invest in culture:

Culture remains the core of fashion design. It gives freedom and responsibility to develop new techniques for innovative ideas.

♦ Keep on learning from History:

History reveals the handcrafting methods of a country’s design. Focusing on the fashion heritage, we learn about style more than a century ago. A real source of inspiration to discover designs beauty.

♦ Find your voice:

Focus on the design details. Dare to tell your story and imagine your design ideas.

♦ Focus on quality:

Open your eyes and focus on high technical design techniques. In a world that we always have a choice, focus on what’s worth your attention.

♦  In search of  the unknown:

Sometimes, people, you may not think typically make sense within your field of interest. You never know what will come of exploring the history of design.

♦ Take risks:

Experimentation is the key to innovative design and pushes the boundaries of what we know and don’t know.






The Modern Woman 1925-1940

The 1920s and ’30s saw freedom for women in dressing for sport and leisure. Coco Chanel championed the trouser suit and even created a deluxe evening version in shimmering sequins.
Designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli challenged the grand couture houses of Paris with her dramatic and witty collections.
The fashionable gamine look of the 1920s matured into the sophisticated glamour of Art Deco, with clinging full-length dresses cut on the bias for a closer fit. Satins and silks were reflected in polished metal.

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By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, January 10/2019.