If you would create today your own white shirt style, how would you want it to be? Meanwhile, there is no dought that in the Victorian era, the white shirt had become a symbol of social status and wealth. Dare to discover it now!

I really enjoyed to study the history of fashion and focus on the creative aspect of the white shirt. Ever since the first appearance By Madame Vigee-Lebrun( 1755-1842) a prominent French painter, the White Shirt has reflected the design inspiration of both men’s and women’s clothing style. What It is interesting more than anything to know is that the classic White Shirt, this exceptional item of apparel, in the Victorian era has been able to become a symbol of social status and wealth. The pure white colour was a significant point to class distinction as only wealthy people could have the possibility to have their shirts washed frequently. The terms “white collar” and “blue collar” (by labouring workmen) was used as a sign of purity and austerity.


Slim fit adds charm to my 100% cotton poplin White Shirt. Sharp and refined, it is all I need for a professional look.


Long Sleeve


A business classic, great for the office with or without a tie.


Single button bevelled. This single button cuff has a bevelled cut and fits perfectly with my everyday shirt. Add a contrast of black thread to spice up my business shirt as well.


Conventional Placket Front. The fabric is secured with stitching, a slight distance from the edge, normally one-fourth of an inch, on either side from the top (collar) to the bottom (hem). This is a standard English and American look, which make the front of the shirt aesthetically symmetrical.

Moreover, in the forties, the white shirt became the reflection of distinctive style thanks to the stars of Hollywood. In1938 Katharine Hepburn wore it in Holiday, Lauren Bacall in Key Largo in 1948 and Audrey Hepburn wore it with the iconic lifted collar.
Nevertheless, the White Shirt has not to do only with trend or status. It has to do with gender definition too. In the sixties who can forget the well-known cover of Patti Smith in her first album Horses. The masculine way that she wore it, it turned the white shirt to an androgynous icon, a style that remains the source of inspiration for people’s dress code until now. Walking through the fashion’s reference on the white shirt I focused on the character of the one who wears it. Coco Chanel introduced a masculine style. While in the Seventies the wide sleeves and white collar influenced  Nina Ricci, Guy Laroche and Saint Laurent design inspiration.

Open your eyes and see. Today the white shirt still expresses your individuality. Be whatever you want to be and be just you.

In my creative imagination, it is about attitude, the importance of being independent. Whatever you want to be, the White Shirt becomes. I do believe that nowadays more than ever in fashion, we do not create according to the gender divide. Putting a man and a woman together is something so natural, meaningful and real. In my eyes, the white shirt returns to the essence of clothing and the body aim to cultivate a sense of open-minded style exchange.

Rediscover my sense of personal style means a lot to me. Try to keep traditions alive and combine it with dynamic future, which never stops is my way to find out my personality. Sometimes I believe that I can do anything and what I really wish is to be free to be just me. The white shirt is my choice to define a style. What’s your style?



♥ Special THANKS to MONK Grapes and Spirits

by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, August 7/2016.