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How does a knitted dress embrace today your body and reveal your love for style? Afterwards, do not think about it. Let’s dance with all of your hurt, feel the rhythm and enjoy fashion.

The challenge for me this season was to look deeper into new patterns. I focused on the way that a knitted dress embrace your body. Anytime that we move, knitwear follows your silhouette in a smooth, delicate way. Afterwards, I do know that fashion today is moving fast without stopping. Besides, I do not need to follow trends in fashion. What I do need is to reveal my own needs, have the opportunity to be flexible, spontaneous and creative. Dance with all my heart, learn to move with things and dare to let go. Once this dance reveals my love for fashion, I am completely in favour of the idea. 

So what do you have to do now for your own knitwear inspiration? Still, how a hi-stretch knitted dress can make you feel comfortable today? Meantime, stop and take the risk to discover it.

By embracing yarns inspiration, design can be more expressive. Fluidity and softness are precious details for knitwear. Yarns have the ability to respond to changes in temperature, humidity and let our body breathe. Besides, I decided to explore it. As we generate new knowledge about knit shapes, I do believe that the natural behaviour of knitwear extends and surround your body. Even the most exciting moment for me was to wear a hi-stretch knitted dress and try to discover this ultimate sensation of comfort. Then I asked my self “ So what do I have to do now?” and I was obviously replied to myself “ Let’s dance”!


Anytime you think about an A-line knitted dress how it makes you feel feminine, flexible, be ready to feel your body in motion? Open your eyes now and see. Do you feel alive?

As I let my body free to follow the music, I realized that the shape of my A-line dress was transformed every time that my body was moving. I could really feel the dress fit me in motion. It’s the ultimate feeling of feeling and the sense of touch. The vibrant tone of blue made me feel so alive, capable of reviving my soul and my spirit. Structured lace allowed to recover fluidity and share the most fragile feeling of seduction. Nothing more feminine than that.

Constantly, be aware now of your own heartbeat. Never stop to dance and be creative. Are you ready today to discover knitwear design? Afterwards, all we want is to make you feel alive. Finally, take your time and start to dance immediately.

Comfortness is an aspect that fashion design is not able to consider without experimentation. For me, dance takes into account the body movement and if I could use 3D simulation tools at that time I was dancing, then I believe that new, original patterns could be applied in designer’s collections. This eternal trip in daily creativity might as well surround ourselves with innovative ideas. Take your time to move and dance with me! We want you to feel alive!


 by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, August 18/2016 




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