2) How important is to focus today on ideas and products which always give solutions to environmental challenges? Above all, stop for a minute and think: How important is still to look back and define the value of recycling?

The Johnny Urban Daypack “Milo” is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. In the context of being more aware of global changes, I felt the need to focus on ideas and products which give solutions to environmental challenges. However, fashion and design are the keys to change. Looking at new ways to manufacture and conserve energy, recycled bottles is a call for action. Now, it’s time to think about our lifestyle. Personally speaking, re-using, re-thinking, and re-creating for sustainability is the rejection of waste.

Research and technology offer new possibilities in terms of materials. It is all about balance and harmony between nature, technology and daily life. This creative way of thinking is the most exciting part of fashion.

The Johnny Urban Daypack “Milo” is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, and for me, it was a challenge to look back at the history of recycling. I noticed that Paper recycling was first recorded in 1031 when Japanese shops sold the repulped paper. In Britain, bricks were made by dust and ash from wood and coal fires.

While in 1813 Benjamin Law explored the process of turning rags into “shoddy” and “mungo” wool in Batley, Yorkshire. In 1884, in Sweden was established an official recycling system with refundable deposits, and in 1982 aluminum beverage cans. Since then, different materials express the change. Recycling helps to transform our creative industry, to improve the economy, and think about the lifestyle of a product. Changing our behavior is the key to add enduring value to people’s lives, create a future human and sustainable.

How does the blue color of Johnny Urban recycled backpack define today your feminity? Open your eyes and see: unexpected mixes sometimes redefine the codes of elegance.

3) Whether it is a relaxed look or streetwear casual, the seductive power of color comes into play with originality. The blue color of my recycled backpack is vibrant with new possibilities. Revolution happens when we let free our sensation, and we experiment with the unexpected mixture of colors. Fluo orange, pure white and deep blue create a bold and unmissable style. I loved the idea of mixing technical fabrics with classics. The blue color of my trouser looks modern and ultra-feminine with the bright finishings of my white mini dress.

By transforming a classic men’s style into a fresh woman’s look, I realized that the blue color of “Milo” recycled backpack is irresistible. At a time that our good taste define our lifestyle, I feel that unexpected mixes sometimes redefine the codes of elegance. Every sustainable idea has something new to bring in our daily life. Be free to express yourself. Dare the unexpected, and embrace the change. Do not be afraid of mixing bold colors. Discover the new codes of elegance.

4) Afterthought, focus today on sustainability and start anticipating your research. Above all, make your choices now. Anytime, stop for a minute and think: It is still about the importance of our life.

When it comes to talking about a sustainable way of living, we are in the middle of multiple choices. The textile industry is the protagonist for that change in the fashion industry. If we improve production in sustainable ways, we save water, and we reduce chemical usage in fabrics dyeing or finishing.

Above all, it is not only about development. It is about the importance of our life. My interest in a stylish recycled Johnny Urban backpack started from the idea to explore new materials and innovate my style. To be unique nowadays it has to do with new products, new ideas. Brands have their way to surprise us.

Stay informed, understand their values and respect the environment. Start anticipating your research and make your choices. Brands can listen to your message when you choose to become better people. Our behavior is the key to approach knowledge. Embrace the opportunity to take inspired steps towards better solutions.

Recycled Johnny Urban backpack “MILO” Blue

Styling by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Think-Feel-Discover.com

Dress by 1014Lex

High heels by sagiakos.gr

MYKITA sunglasses by Pismopoulou Eleni 

Photo credits by Fiorello Photography

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, May 3/2019.