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♦Think-Feel-Discover: What was a defining moment in your career so far?

Christos Petridis: The intersection of these three men. Us! When Mr.Faliakos met Christos Petridis, and Christos joined the House. After almost 20 years later, the same story repeated with Venediktos Antipas.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Do you believe in trends?

No, we do believe only in signs of times, not in trends!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Which is your favorite color, and why?

We do like many colors for different reasons. Meanwhile, Black and white as color tones always steal our heart.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What advice would you give to new designers?

To push boundaries in any kind or form. To push themselves into a progressive way of thinking and working. Fashion needs more than ever, pioneers, not Instagram stars!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Which is your motto in life?

No guts, no glory

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What does define your personality?

Christos Petridis: Positive vibes, forwardness, and consistency describe me.

Venediktos Antipas: Drive, humbleness, and steel will.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Who or what has been your biggest influencer?

Christos Petridis: For me, Faliakos was the master of my influences!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What is your vision in Life?

Christos Petridis: My vision took flesh and bones many years now. I love what I’m doing, and I grew up living my dream. It’s so important to be able to live whatever you wish for during your lifetime and be lucky enough to taste the fulfillment of this.

Venediktos Antipas: To slay!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What makes great a fashion designer?

Venediktos Antipas: The greatness of his talent, the shine of his charisma if he has this.
Christos Petridis: Every time that a customer feels the pleasure to pay you for the level of your work.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Which is the key in a woman’s outfit?

Christos Petridis: I do believe that balance controls everything. A woman needs to have a balance either in her personality and her way to dress.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What’s your favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment of the day is early in the morning. Then, everything is so quiet! However, I enjoy my first cup of coffee, and I schedule the whole day. In the meantime, I listen to grooves and tempos are playing. I love it.

When I’m turning off sleepy easy listening stuff, and I’m turning on just a pinch of Mariah an hour later after Chris.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

Christos Petridis: Same position, different galaxy! I enjoy every little moment of what I’m doing as I said before, so I’m not thinking of my self retired!

Maison Faliakos


Christos Petridis, Chief Creative Officer, and Venediktos Adipas, Creative Director

Photo credits by Chrysanthi Kosmatou,

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, July 23/2019.