Afterthought, Which are the key outfit ideas for Winter 2019? Open your eyes and see: How fashion students explore today modern greek fashion? Above all, how does Nature constantly inspires their creative imagination?

The TEI of Central Macedonia in Greece showcased the 13th of April 2019 at the 6th NGFL in Greece experimental modern greek fashion by students. Moreover, the key outfit idea is inspired by the Greek countryside, by people who live in it. By Beekeepers and work in nature. By their houses plenty of embroideries and flocking. But also by their mourning that they have been wearing for years. From the old legends that live like shadows to them today.A mosaic of colors, textures, and emotions through a modern look for the garment.

Moreover, it is about a new way of thinking for the Autumn season. Firstly, we are interested more in quality, and authentic creative ideas. Nature inspires the student’s creative imagination. All of a sudden we receive new style messages, embraced by looks full of energy.

Likewise, the new generation of students in Greece keeps on leading creative solutions both in material and construction. Garments follow the fabric, and minimal shapes reveal the beauty of the design. Grey melange from pale to dark and intricate messages create a relaxed look. In contrast to the luxury look, we note a simple, elegant message. Trousers, jumpsuits, and coats ready to wear all day long.

Each piece has a story to tell. This contrast of the old with the new create a new look. Pants are relaxed and express the need for practical simplicity. The combination of clean lines with new patterns define the choice of fabrics. Express yourself and be ready to travel, to move, to breath in your daily life.


6th NGFL, Greece

Photo credits by Chrysanthi Kosmatou,