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Silk ties, fashion style dark blue, Mouhtaridis SA by Think Feel Discover

How to define your personal tie style today?

COLOR INSPIRATION  What color do we choose to wear and why?   Your Fashion Style has to do with the color…

How does a knitted dress embrace today your body? Meantime, stop and take the risk to discover it.

 Let's DANCE with yarn inspiration and get inspired NOW ! Take your time to just move! I just want you…
The white shirt, Think Feel Discover fashion style

Dare to discover your own white shirt now!

 THE WHITE SHIRT : Rediscover Style "If I would create  my own style , how would I want to be?"

Flattering with grey today! The key color to make you look always radically exceptional great.

"What makes an exceptional  Grey Men style?" "What defines a woman's Men fashion style ?"

Open your eyes and think: How does color inspire today an Haute Couture’s jumpsuit design?

"What makes a dress needed for exceptional style ?" "How to have a great sense of style ?"

How does Art, color and luxury fabrics influence Haute Couture’s inspiration?

    HAUTE COUTURE JULY 2016  - G R E E N -  What motivates a Fashion Editor to keep…

How does British shirt Style influence how you dress daily?

 What's new we could have to say about the way of wearing a man's shirt? How British Men's Style could…


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