How to update your daily look, be sophisticated and above all look modern by wearing BmB Bamboo bags appearing to the next fashion show during London Fashion Week?

As we approach the London Fashion Week in February 2018 I pay attention to what I really love to wear. In my eyes, there is always an atmosphere of change and my attention to my fashion style is inspired by pieces designed for a simple life.
Sometimes walking down the street in London that I love, I do believe that design is the visual expression of our thought, flawless, classic, fabulous, exceptional and first class. Then all of a sudden everything becomes clear in my mind about my daily look. The fluidity of movement becomes my priority. Free to move, free to attend the one after another designer’s fashion shows, to really be part of London Fashion Week.

Above all are you ready to take the risk to reveal the secret beauty of color during London Fashion Week and embrace today new sustainable ways of living for your street style inspired by BmB Bamboo bags? Don’t lose a minute and don’t worry, listen to your thoughts now!

Thinking about color and having my morning coffee in a London’s coffee shop I listened to my secret voice, that voice which always pushes me to make a step forward ” Throw any word, any shape, any color you like into a vessel and choose the one that makes you hear the shape”. For me, color is the real sense of design.

My new color palette for Fashion Week Style is inspired by our environment being always curious about new intelligent stying ideas. Materials like bamboo are becoming vital and focus on wellbeing and community.

It is about an organic palette with dark tones of tobacco brown and intense orange yellow. Wearing my Bamboo Lady BackPack byBmB bamboo bag in the mixture of dark brown with natural color shades remind me of the elegance of simplicity.

I do believe that future thinkers in fashion will invest in sustainable ways of living. I do love Orange-yellow color as it’s a really optimistic color and adds light to my final look. Tender natural tones showing respect for our environment and look more closely at the small things in life.

Let’s keep on being elegant every day, update your look in London during London Fashion Week, wear your Bamboo Backpack bag and make a deal today: How do you feel wearing everywhere nature’s materials accessories, do it now and every day keep on smiling? The choice is yours!

My London Fashion Week key look is inspired by my love for balance. The all-time favorite like this yellow trade coat makes me feel feminine, stylish, chic, elegant and sophisticated. The absolute value in your Fashion Week Style. Comfortable shape for a slower approach to your stylish life.An amazing look inspired by nature’s materials like Bamboo that give us life, harmony, and unity.

The simplicity of my deep brown leather belt and cork jewelry by BmB Bamboo bags embrace my love for natural quality, authentic and calm style outfits. How do I feel wearing this amazing coat with my Bamboo Backpack Bag? Really excited, ready for the next fashion show.

How do your emotions affect your daily wardrobe? and above all your life? Let your self-free to feel your emotions and enjoy your life. I love London, I love fashion week, I love the real style and I’ll keep on smiling. That’s how I update my look during London Fashion Week. Let’s DO IT! DO MORE!

Bmb Bamboo bags in London

♦Styling by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, ThinkFeelDiscoverFashion

♦Bamboo Backpack bag by BmB Bamboo Bags 

♦Photo credits Bill Patrick Photography


By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, February 16, 2019