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How can the use of a sample collection to be used by thoughtful design? By diminishing use of materials, I looked forward to creating a wearable garment. Quiet and comfortable with a sensual touch the pieces of Italian fabric I used helped to save energy and material. Inspiredesign means to reject what currently exists and open new fashion directions that favour the re-cycling of the textile. Add value to what you wear. Garments are considered the extension of the way we live. Explore new possibilities of creating in the fashion and embrace quality, timeless aesthetics, traditional as well as contemporary checks by Italian suit brands.


Design a new suit with a firm nod to Italian suit history adds value to my way to dress. Not just wearing garments, but exploring the value of iconic design. Creating a new Italian suit, I educated myself. Mixing up pieces from a sample collection and made them wearable is my story about desirable, contemporary, functional, and comfortable Italian design.


Beauty is what enables me to connect with what I wear. It’s what gives a garment to evoke emotion. Ariston fabric permitted me to love what I wear. Moreover, This jacket allowed me to discover the cultural meaning and heritage of Italian design. Above all, I believe innovation and tradition are the ways forward. Fabrics define our personalities and make us look beautiful. Design is my reason to be.

The rules in fashion are changing. However, we never forget that fabrics aesthetics enables us to connect with what we wear. Technology provides the freedom to create and heritage set the boundaries to make it human, sustainable, and authentic. My Italian style jacket is probably the next phase in making and creating. Now it’s time to explore design as the ultimate reason to be. The Italian suit has character, a long story. From sport style to bespoke or streetwear, it expresses the newness of the looks. The result of the fabric mixture can be a new style, but the message is clear: Italian fabric brands are a primary player in the fashion industry. Undoubtedly, the Italian suit is its sharp-dressed ambassador.

The top news from Milano Digital Fashion Week 2020 now:

The new Italian suit style you should wear today.

Creative project, design & styling by Chrysanthi Kosmatou,

Photo credits Ilias Sakalac Photography

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By Chrysanthi Kosmatou Wednesday, July 23, 2020.