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The new Italian suit style you should wear today: Why does a Fashion Stylist make a new jacket by one of the best Italian fabric brands today? Open your eyes and see.

This summer season for My Milano Digital Fashion Week Street 2020 Street Style, I found expression in Italian suit style. By placing myself into the mix, I became the author of my storyline. For me, the revolution in fabric design features the real value of Italian suit fabric. However, I always knew that Italian Fabric brands with long tradition and heritage re-define luxury.

Why are Italian fabrics so good? What are the best suit brands in Italy? Why Italian suits are the best? In my creative imagination, the Italian Suit is not a suit. Above all, it is the sharpest way for both women, and men to dress during Milano Digital Fashion Week this July. In short, I focused on the Italian fabric brand Ariston. I looked to think intelligently about a new way to create an Italian suit for one gender fashion style.

Which is the latest inspiration behind the new Italian suit style? Start to think now: What does it make it exceptional for your style today?

First of all, I took inspiration from the jacket Summer 2015 sample collection of Ariston fabrics. Secondly, I adjusted piece by piece in a way that only Couture can influence streetwear. Above all, I wanted to create a sleeveless Italian suit style having one thing only in mind: lightness. In conclusion, I wanted to be short, to fit perfectly to the body. I followed the philosophy of V-shape, tight at the waist, a detail that characterizes the Italian style suit. A detail that makes the style of the wearer to stand out of the crowd. It’s time to play, to combine contrasting fabrics in a way that I wish to wear them.

My motive was to create a fashion design mixing Italian suit fabric brands in my way. Express me by using the Italian Fabric brand Ariston as a message. However, there are no limits to let intuitive, creative thinking lead the way. Likewise, abstract art and Italian suit are the starting points to approach the new in fashion. On the other hand, the result is a sleeveless jacket in bright shades of blue.

Bright, happy checks of Ariston fabrics reveal the classics. For me, Italian suit fabric is eclectic. This jacket is not for the shy. It shouts “look at me”. Sometimes exaggeration deliberates fashion expression. In short, that is my approach to dressing for simple shapes, all worn with imagination for those who love the spontaneous design.

Who is Ariston Fabrics today? Which are the values of the Italian fabric brand? Stop and Choose to discover it immediately.

Ariston fabrics established since 1920. The headquarter is near Naples, the heart of the style, elegance and couture worldwide. They cover a wide range of compositions and fibres: wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, cotton and linen produced exclusively in Italy. Moreover, they work with the best clothing manufacturers and the most famous boutiques and fashion houses around the world. The family is at the helm of the company for four generations. Above all, Research and innovation, tradition and quality are the cornerstones of the company.

A brief look back to the history of the iconic Italian suit. Explore now the best style in fashion. Finally, who are the best woollen Italian mills today?

Everything has started for the Italian suit in 1945 in Rome in the well-know street Via Barberini. In 1952 the idea of the Italian suit style grew immensely after the first fashion show held at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Remarkable Italian suit brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Nazareno Fonticoli (founder of Brioni) and Armani a significant have a role in the design of the Italian suit, as we know it today.

Nowadays, we identify three major styles in Italy, namely Romano, Napoletano and Milanese. Finally, the best woollen Italian mills are ♦Vitale Barberis Canonico, ♦Reda, ♦Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna, ♦Drago, ♦Loro Piana, ♦Lanificio Carlo Barbera, ♦Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, ♦Zignone, ♦Guabello, ♦Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, ♦Lanificio Subalpino, ♦Marzotto, ♦Tessuti di Sondrio, ♦Fratelli Piacenza, ♦Lane Bottoli, ♦Lanificio Fratelli Ormezzano, ♦Ferla.

TheTop Five Reasons I’ve chosen to create and wear an Italian suit style during Milan Fashion Week 2020. Again, The Italian style you should wear now.


For my Milano Digital Fashion Week 2020 street style, I focused on a lighter touch, something that seems to be stylish, to elevate the new casual. Ariston fabric checks sample collection are the quality of the Italian suit fabric. The best choice ever for my daily way to dress.

2)Colour celebration

A celebration of brights is my romantic expression, offering the chance to stand out. Whoever you are, a man or a woman, my new jacket inspired by the Italian suit fabric Ariston is here to innovate. From typical natural colour shades to bold blues, checks add a sporty touch. The future is urban, so I loved to develop textiles for the unexpected style.