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Elisavet kapogianni, London Fashion Week street style 2019, Think Feel Discover


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How important is the neutral colour of knitwear in fashion today? Explore your beauty soon, be creative now, still express your love for knitwear.

 How NEUTRAL color would you inspire today? Is it about sensibility? Is it about emotions ? Or is it about…

Knitwear is today the key to make you feel great daily?

  WELCOME to knitwear inspiration !  Is it about presenting yourself as real or being real? How does knitwear affect…

How does light of the city influence your sartorial or casual look?

 Walk in the city!  Let's be open-minded and look cool!  Life goes on ! 

Burberry, The makers House Sept 2016 during LFW

Have your eyes open, think of the future now and discover Burberry, MAKERS HOUSE Sept. 2016

 ACCESSORIES AUTUMN/WINTER 17/18  Time for color harmony ! Dream of the past and draw your new journey in fashion !

Lola Officialgr, natural color street style by Think Feel Discover

How does Nature reveal the beauty of neutral colors for your daily way to dress?

 GOOD MORNING LONDON! NEUTRALS keep the light!But what about Style? What about looking for some inspiration in a blogger's life during…

The Tailored to Fit, Victoria and Albert museum at London Fashion Week

Top 6 reasons to explore the Tailored to Fit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Categorie: DESIGN Discover now the Top 6 reasons to explore the Tailored to Fit at the Victoria and Albert Museum during London Fashion…



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