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1)The Fashion shirt: ONE, the exclusive silk shirt designed by you will always want to wear in Autumn/Winter 2020.

Here, for my autumn outfits 2020, I move beyond classic shirting. Meanwhile, I loved to create my fashion shirt design: ONE, the exclusive silk shirt at London Fashion Week. When I started to focus on the original idea of the creative Fashion style during International Fashion Week Events, I collaborated with SILKLINE, Ath. Mouhtaridis.

Today, this garment is still an innovative collage of printed ribbons, buttons in a modern patchwork of shapes, and patterns for my best Fall outfit ideas 2020. Above all, I love to wear this handmade crafted shirt. It is a fast-forward design for my casual fall outfits. The future of fashion style has to do with new aesthetics that we create through materials, shapes, and fabrics. Let’s wear the fashion shirt, a smart investment for your wardrobe. In short, a new style direction for menswear and womenswear, which will shape new outfit ideas. Above all, it will make your casual fall style to stand out. Dare now to wear it.

2)The printed blazer: The coolest green printed blazer you will always want to wear today for your Fall outfit ideas 2020.

For you that you love elegant outfit ideas, the printed blazer defines a new autumn outfit. Above all, it is not a blazer, but a unique look of what to wear in fall.

Firstly, the print design in Bio green is fool of energy, inspiring, and full of innovation. Secondly, I would suggest you wear printed blazer with culottes pants in forest green colour and a knitted red tie. Reds and greens are flexible. However, dare the unexpected style for your outfit ideas. The more you wear the printed blazer, the coolest it becomes.


3)The animal print pumps and the coloured tights: The accessories you will always want to wear from day to night for your Fall looks.

For me, accessories always break the boundaries between eccentricity and originality. However, the animal print pumps look like no one else when you wear them with pink tights. Likewise, opaque coloured tights are back for Autumn winter 2020 in bright shades of pink.

Firstly, they are soft, warm, comfortable. Secondly, I have honestly say that I have found the perfect pair to wear with high heel pumps in fiery red. In short, they might make your fall clothes to look stunning. Do not have any dought: leopard pumps and coloured tights are worth spending money on this winter.

4)The canvas tote bag in bright red: The best-sophisticated detail for classy clothes in new casual looks you will always want to wear for your autumn outfits.

The canvas tote bag in bright red, and leather handles is ideal for my elegant outfit ideas. As I enjoy the freedom of style for my autumn outfits 2020, this lightweight handbag is a stylish expression for my fall looks.

Moreover, the bright red colour of my canvas tote bag creates an individual expression with the leopard pumps and the coloured tights. Show another side of fashion style for my daily way to dress in Autumn/Winter 2020. In fall fashion, colours create my identity. Embrace colour and wear brights. In conclusion, the mixture of accessories is always the best-sophisticated detail for classy clothes in new casual looks.


Top Eight Fall outfit ideas 2020 that make fall clothes look unique.

What’s new for what to wear in fall?

♦Photo rights & styling by Chrysanthi Kosmatou/Instagram: @think_feel_discover

♦Special thanks to Smaragda Sereti/ Instagram: @smaragdasereti for trusting me to style the eight Fall outfit ideas 2020 through her wardrobe.

♦Photo credits by Dimitris Alexandropoylos/Facebook: Dimitris Alexandropoulos

By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Friday 13 November 2020.