Edeline Lee Stunning Runway Show at London Fashion Week 2023: Still a Must-See Event today. Be the first to discover now.

Edeline Lee stole the hearts of fashion enthusiasts during the London Fashion Week 2023 with her creative and captivating show titled “London Holiday”. It is about a fantastic guerrilla-style show under the direction of ZEINA DURRA. However, the show brought the streets of Mayfair to life, offering a unique experience to the viewers. Edeline Lee dresses, team, cast, and locations contributed to an unforgettable journey for all who attended the runway show. Above all, Lee’s love for London shone through in every detail of the Autumn/Winter 2023 show, from the everyday moments to the power of community and the beauty of the “Future Lady”.

Today, I would say it was the most exciting moment ever for me in London.Trusting my heart, let me lead you to discover one of the most inspiring journeys for your Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion style.You would not miss a thing from Edeline Lee love letter to London. In my eyes, it was a brilliant idea in the age of texts and emails to discover fashion creativity and never look back. In conclusion, through my pictures, you will find a reason to bring you to Lee-luxury, where sensuality meets strength and power forces with personality.

I want the women who wear my dresses, my trousers and tops, to be the best versions of themselves on every stage of their journey through life so that they are ready for anything, Edeline Lee says.

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♦The Burlington Arcade

The journey began at the entrance of the Burlington Arcade, the world’s oldest luxury shopping destination, where a troupe of gypsy jazz musicians played Chopin’s Mazurka in G Minor, captivating the shoppers. Lee’s dresses were alive, with voluminous sleeves, ruffles, and refined craftsmanship, combining femininity, elegance, and nostalgia.

Walking through the arcade, you can feel the energy coming out of the shops. The building does have its sort of spirit. Mark Lord, Head Beadle.

♦The voluminous maxi dress.

Edeline Lee’s dresses are alive. Above all, they have their own secret life. I couldn’t take my eyes off an elegant woman wearing a voluminous maxi dress. THE EDELINE LEE TIMES, a functional newspaper, capture her attention with the gossip column about the lives of Future ladies. In short, design explodes with joyfulness. A couture touch in voluminous sleeves creates a glamourous long dress which combines feminity, elegance and nostalgia.

♦Ruffles and refined craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, dancers rewrite stories with fantasy and imagination. A new perspective that plays with ruffles, voluminous ruching and refined craftsmanship. Long skirts and updated history become a story that resonates today and makes Future Ladies shine in Edeline’s Lee design. On the other hand, the confidence of femininity continues to surprise us as we keep walking. A lovely girl reading a book against a street lamp. A perfect fabric and colour selection for an Autumn/Winter 2023 street-style outfit. This season, Edeline Lee adds tailoring with a voluminous collar.

That is the beauty of Lee’s designs in beloved contemporary details. Across the road at 24 CORK STREET, a photoshoot is unfolding. In front of A newsstand, we see an ultra-soft Edeline Lee dress in a sensual green colour that brings a fresh modern vibe. Optimism is in the air. Music surrounds us whilst two women play a tense game of chess.

“What we wear and how we think are correlated. Chess is a game of strategy. I want my clothes to empower Anita and Fonda, match their bodies to their moves, and think three steps ahead, like Future Ladies everywhere”. Edeline Lee states.