Incredible Sustainable luxury fashion by Mata Durikovic to know today.Still,the latest Sustainability Techniques to see and discover now!

Sustainable luxury Fashion during London Fashion Week 2023 allowed me to explore new ways of design creativity. However, on my way to Mata’s Durikovic fashion show during the London Fashion Week in February 2023, I asked myself: how the luxury fashion can be more sustainable? What makes a luxury brand to be sustainable? Questions I was more than happy to discover MADbyMAD Collection by the talented Slovak designer Mata Durikovic.

Likewise, an innovative collaboration of the Slovac Fashion Council with Fashion Scout presented the young Slovak fashion brand MADbyMAD. Using bioplastic as a leather replacement, Mata Durikovic created bioplastic crystal leather with 3D embroidery. An explosive expression of recycled Swarovsly crystals in a mixture with zero-waste crochet techniques pushed the limits of sustainability in luxury fashion.

In short, creativity becomes predominant in sustainable fashion brands. Looking closer, you will realise that Mata’s motto: “Be Mad. Be Bioluxury!” continues to play a crucial role in experimentation with the bioplastic material. Today, Sustainable luxury fashion reveals exciting times through self-expression, creativity and innovation by Mata Durikovic.

Who is the designer Mata Durikovic today? Finally, which is the vision of the Slovak Fashion Council in the latest Slovak fashion eco-system to discover immediatelly? It’s time to stop and discover it!

♦About the designer.

Mata Durikovic is an LVHM Green Trail Award nominee and the winner of multiple awards, including the Media Award by ITS: Plastform Contest in 2022, Best Fashion Graduate by Slovak Fashion Council and Fashion Live. In addition, she won a Sustainability prize from the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2019.

As a designer, she has focused on the womenswear luxury industry. On the other hand, she explores bioluxury and Haute Couture through her boundary-breaking, eye-catching designs. Today, Mata works as a textile designer in Paris and is a part of the textile design research team at Chanel Maison.

♦The Slovak Fashion Council in the latest Slovak fashion eco-system.

Founded in 2011, Slovak Fashion Council is a professional non-profit organisation that supports the development of the Slovak fashion eco-system. In 2022, Slovak Fashion Council became one of the founding members of the European Fashion Alliance, which aims to empower a European fashion eco-system into one driving force: uniting strong European fashion organisations in a professional business for the fashion and textile industry.

However, during the London Fashion Week, Slovak Fashion Council offer a unique opportunity for talented designers to have International recognition. In the past ten years, they have supported the presentation of more than 30 young talents and cooperated on many fashion concepts.

Zuzana Bobikova, the CEO of Slovak Fashion Council, says: “Our goal is for our designers to be internationally known, to gain contacts and draw inspiration. We provide them with media support internationally and abroad”.