Best NEWGEN Fashion creatives already to know in LFW 2023. Still, open your eyes and see right now the best designers of tomorrow. Nurturing the Future of Fashion Design.

NEWGEN Fashion in LFW 2023 will be a sensational celebration of talent, honouring the 30th anniversary of the prestigious BFC NEWGEN initiative. However,this remarkable event will showcase the illustrious history and success stories of the BFC initiative. It will also highlight London’s exceptional legacy in nurturing emerging visionaries.

BFC NEWGEN 2023/24 BFC NEWGEN recipients Unveiled.

Prepare to be captivated by the return of some incredible designers who have graced our runways before: ANCUȚA SARCA, Chet Lo, Conner Ives, DI PETSA, FEBEN, HARRI, HELEN KIRKUM, LABRUM London, Leo Carlton, MASHA POPOVA, Paolo Carzana, ROBYN LYNCH, Sinéad O’Dwyer, Stefan Cooke, and yuhan wang. In short, they are all set to astound us once again with their unparalleled creativity and talent.

London fashion Week September 2023, Banner photo by the British fashion Council

But that’s not all! London Fashion Week September 2023 is also thrilled to welcome a new wave of exceptional designers to the schedule. AARON ESH, DERRICK, Kazna Asker, The Winter House, and TOLU COKER are about to make their mark on the industry. Likewise, we cannot wait to witness their innovative designs.

The British Fashion Council is pulling out all the stops to ensure success. That is to say, with a focus on nurturing new talent and showcasing the best of British designers, NEWGEN Fashion in LFW 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience. To sum up, these designers represent the future of the fashion industry.

FEBEN, BFC NEWGEN, NEWGEN Fashion in the official schedule of London fashion Week 15-19 September 2023.

Photo rights © British Fashion Council / FEBEN

Above all, their inclusion in the London Fashion Week schedule 2023 enables a new form of self-expression in fashion design. London’s message is for the braves who innovate in fashion. However, NEWGEN designers express themselves in more inventive ways. While exploring the best upcoming talents of the London Fashion Week 15-19 September 2023, we admit that there is hope for the future. Inshort, their positive thinking and sustainable innovation are more influential than ever.

London Fashion Week September 2023 banner by the British Fashion Council

The hottest Menswear and Womenswear collections to know immediately.Why not miss the remarkable NEWGEN Fashion? The latest LFW news we want to know right now.

♦Ancuța Sarca. ♦Web:

Ancuța Sarca is revolutionizing the footwear industry with her innovative approach to design. Her creations are not just shoes. In short,  they are an artistic expression that challenges the norms and redefines the boundaries of fashion. Moreover,with a focus on sustainability, Sarca is paving the way for a more ethical and conscious future.

Ancuta Sacra, NEWGEN Fashion at the London Fashion Week September 2023.

Photo rights © British Fashion Council

In 2019, at London Fashion Week SS20, Ancuța Sarca made her mark on the fashion world with her eponymous label. Supported by Fashion East, her debut collection showcased a unique blend of masculine and feminine elements, and the fusion of sportswear and luxury.

What sets Sarca apart is her commitment to sustainability. That is to say, she takes recycled fabric cutouts and material waste, breathing new life into every piece she creates. In conclusion, this circular design approach adds a touch of uniqueness and individuality to each pair of shoes.

♦CHET LO. ♦Web:

Chet Lo is an accomplished Asian American designer. Graduate of Central Saint Martins BA Knitwear course, he has taken the fashion industry by storm with his innovative and captivating designs. Hailing from New York City, Lo has pursued his fashion dreams in London, where he enrolled in the esteemed Saint Martin’s Foundation course in 2015. However, his passion for textiles and the boundless possibilities of knitwear truly ignited.

CHET LO, BFC NEWGEN, London Fashion Week schedule 15-19 September 2023.

Lo’s exceptional talent and dedication did not go unnoticed, as he quickly caught the attention of renowned fashion houses. Internships at Proenza Schouler and Maison Margiela, under the guidance of fellow Saint Martin’s graduate John Galliano, further honed his skills and allowed him to refine his craft.

CHET LO, BFC NEWGEN, London Fashion Week schedule 15-19 September 2023.

His graduate collection, “Cindiaria’s Wife,” is a true testament to the fusion of Lo’s Asian heritage and Western aesthetics. Recognizing the need for excitement and innovation in the fashion industry even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Lo drew inspiration from Japanese comics, the 50s, and the iconic character Barbarella. In conclusion, his collection flawlessly blended elements of futurism with classic feminine silhouettes, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

CHET LO, BFC NEWGEN, London Fashion Week schedule 15-19 September 2023.

♦DI PETSA. ♦Web:

London Fashion Week September 2023 (LFW) will witness the emergence of exciting new talent, including DI PETSA, a fashion graduate and rising star in the industry. Recognized by the British Fashion Council’s prestigious NEWGEN program, DI PETSA captivates audiences with a groundbreaking collection that challenges conventional norms and redefines the relationship between fashion and environmental consciousness.

DI PETSA’s collection aims to create a sense of performance, where the wearer becomes the performer, and the garment serves as the script. However, by exploring the concept of wetness, DI PETSA delves into the transformative power of bodily fluids. This unique approach to fashion showcases the potential for the industry to spark conversations and inspire change on pressing environmental issues.

♦FEBEN. ♦Web: feben,co

Feben’s journey began at Central Saint Martins, where she obtained a Master’s degree in fashion. Thanks to her remarkable skills and unwavering dedication, she quickly emerged as a force in the fashion realm. Moreover,  her outstanding achievements include being honoured as an Isabella Blow scholar, a prestigious accolade that speaks about her unwavering commitment to her craft.

FEBEN NEWGEN Fashion at London Fashion Week Septwmber 2023.

Drawing inspiration from her own nomadic experiences, she takes a surrealist approach to unravelling the visual codes that define Black life across the globe. Inshort, her designs offer a captivating take on fashion.

♦HARRI. ♦Web: harristore/about-us.

HARRI is the brilliant mind behind groundbreaking menswear designs that never fail to captivate and provoke thought. With an expert eye for contrasting elements and a natural flair for striking proportions, HARRI effortlessly merges innovative textiles. Likewise, his creations are a testament to his ability to reimagine and compose various materials into stunning wearable sculptures.

HARRI NEWGEN Fashion at London Fashion Week Septwmber 2023.

HARRI embarked on his creative journey after completing his Menswear MA at the esteemed London College of Fashion in 2020. In short, driven by his passion for craftsmanship, materiality, and fashion, HARRI swiftly launched his eponymous label, quickly gaining recognition as a rising star in the fashion industry.



Helen Kirkum, is revolutionizing the world of footwear by celebrating the beauty of wearing and making through their unique products. The studio’s commitment to sustainability shines through as they utilize recycled and deadstock materials to create bespoke sneakers that offer a truly individual experience.

Helen Kirkum's Sneaker Palimpsest, NEWGEN London Fashion Week 2023 Presentation at Selfridges.

Photo rights ©

Helen Kirkum is a graduate of London’s prestigious Royal College of Art. She has garnered international recognition for her exceptional artisanship. Likewise, her designs go beyond mere aesthetics, as she weaves stories into each pair of sneakers, capturing the memories and components that contribute to their creation. In conclusion, as a pioneer of the hacked and deconstructed aesthetic within the sneaker industry, Helen Kirkum leads the charge in the sustainable footwear movement.

♦LABRUM London. ♦Web:

Step into the world of LABRUM London, a brand that seamlessly weaves together the vibrant tapestry of West African values with the meticulous craftsmanship of British tailoring. Moreover, founded in 2015 by the visionary Foday Dumbuya, LABRUM has quickly become a beacon of creativity and self-expression.

LABRUM London, BFC NEWGEN designer at the upcoming London Fashion Week 15-19 September 2023.

LABRUM sets out to  reimagine a society without limitations.That is to say, Dumbuya’s inspiration is from his diverse upbringing and life experiences in Sierra Leone, Cyprus, and London. Growing up in a working-class household, he witnessed firsthand the harmonious fusion of traditional tailoring with a distinctive African flair. To sum up,bolstered by his formative years, Dumbuya embarked on a remarkable journey in the fashion industry, honing his skills and gathering priceless knowledge at esteemed companies such as DKNY and Nike.

LABRUM London, BFC NEWGEN designer at the upcoming London Fashion Week 15-19 September 2023.