Graphic Wave: Geometric suspensions!

Graphic modernism, a weaving of lines, geometric patterns inspired by the world of tiles and ceramics. A new fresh 3d process motivated by crystals, minerals, molecules. Colors are influenced by new digital technologies. Blacks and whites, reds and others are sharply separated. Pearl-greys are against charcoal greys. Alternative suggestions of artificial lights meet full colours, as timeless as the declension of whites and the intensities of black.



► 3D Effects

► Luminescence

► Padded Fabrics

► Soft fabrics with a layer of plastic or neoprene

► Nano-weight and high performance

► Neoprene

► Prints wireframe

► New digital cutting on leather and felts

► Ultramodern lace

► Laser cutting

► Nylon



Graphic Wave  F/W 2016/17: COLORS





By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, 11 of JULY / 2015.