Folk Land: The energy of the origins.

Order and chaos, folk influence from costumes and houses of countries as Uruguay and Chile. Return to originality for designer’s creative inspiration with the ultimate feeling for the handmade and sensible creativity. A palette of reds, russets and mustard yellows of the walls and the food of South America cities add energy to fashion inspiration. Layers of materials, a combination of basic objects crafts work in the balance between the desire for simplicity and the need for Nature, as in Arte Povera.

Folk Land


► Organic fibres

► Patch textures

► Denim

► Rusty pigments

► Handmade carpets like macrotextures

► Lengthened weave tartan fabrics

► Workwear fabrics

► Rusty and worn out jacquard fabrics

► Natural madras fabrics

► Texture patchworks

► Woven on looms tweed fabrics

 Felted fabrics








Folk Land F/W 2016-17: COLORS


by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, 8 of JULY/ 2015.