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Folk Land: The energy of the origins.

Order and chaos, folk influence from costumes and houses of countries as Uruguay and Chile. Return to originality for a designer’s creative inspiration with the ultimate feeling for the handmade and sensible creativity. A palette of reds, russets and mustard yellows of the walls and the food of South America cities add energy to fashion inspiration. Layers of materials, a combination of basic objects crafts work in the balance between the desire for simplicity and the need for Nature, as in Arte Povera.

Folk Land


► Organic fibres

► Patch textures

► Denim

► Rusty pigments

► Handmade carpets like macrotextures

► Lengthened weave tartan fabrics

► Workwear fabrics

► Rusty and worn out jacquard fabrics

► Natural madras fabrics

► Texture patchworks

► Woven on looms tweed fabrics

 Felted fabrics








Folk Land F/W 2016-17: COLORS


by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, 8 of JULY/ 2015.