The hottest London Street Style from London Fashion Week. Open your eyes and see Fashion Dresses 2021, Styles & Trends.

My recent amazing collaboration with the Editors of WOMENSLIFE.GR for London Street Style made me think about Fashion Dresses 2021. However, the need for the three of us to gain inspiration from the London Fashion Week Street Style was strong. Start wearing comfortable, stylish dresses which no woman can ignore. Above all, Through Yioula and Athina, I learned that dresses have transformative power. What dress is the best for 2021 to look amazing? Which colour can reveal your femininity in UK Street Fashion?

The Dress Styles we created are comfortable, airy, and stylish. Likewise, our stories look at different colours, accessories, and style. The central idea, however, is not just to talk about Fashion Dresses 2021. Above all, having fun, finding our way to wear them define the way to talk about femininity. London Street Style is breathing loud during the London Fashion Week. Do not miss us. Join us now.

Athina Saiti, Editor of WOMENSLIFE.GR

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What is Fashion Week Style for you?

Fashion Week Style for me means a week full of new trends. First of all, great designers show their new collections and ideas to the world. A time for inspiration! Secondly, time to learn what to wear to be trendy. However, More importantly, how to wear it! In sort, new trends emerge from this fashion week that will determine the steps of the following year. For me, It’s always nice to be fashionable!

Printed Dress COMKI / Styling by

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Why do you like the London Street Style?

London Street Style is very special to me because London is one of my favourite cities. Above all, because of the variety of new designers that present their work during that week. That is to say, established designers and new ones take a chance and show off their work. Meanwhile, you can see designers from all over the world there. This is amazing indeed! New talents can be found there. On the other hand, opportunities are open for everyone who wants to try! What a better place to show off your fashion talent!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What is your dress style for the London Fashion Week Street Style 12-14 June 2021?

My dress style for London Fashion Week 12-14 June 2021 consists of two fantastic outfits. The first one is a two-piece floral outfit, a maxi skirt, and a mini top. In the colours of green and pink, the colours of joy and summer. In other words, an outfit that changes your mood as soon as you wear it. To sum up, the perfect outfit for summer excursions. In conclusion, Very comfortable and fashionable, you can wear it anytime!

London Street Style at London Fashion Week 12-14 June  2021: Dress Styles 2021.

The Printed Dress

Printed Dress COMKI / Sunglasses Ofthalmos. gr / Styling by

London Street Style at London Fashion Week 12-14 June  2021: Dress Styles 2021.

The Violet Midi Dress

The second outfit is a violet midi dress with polka dots. Likewise, a dress that you can wear for an office meeting as well as going out with friends in the afternoon. Always in style!

Violet Midi Dress COMKI / Sunglasses Ofthalmos. gr / Styling by

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What does it mean to dress feminine?

Above all, For me to dress feminine means to dress to express me as a woman. A powerful dynamic woman that wears dresses, skirts, trousers combined with romantic tops, depending on the situation. In sort, elegant outfits that make every woman feel unique and beautiful.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What makes a dress feminine?

In my opinion, It’s the woman who wears it that makes a dress feminine! However, finding a dress that suits you will make you feel like a model! On the other hand, You can find a dress you’d like to wear and try it on yourself. Even if it’s something beyond your usual choices, dare to try something different! Above all, dresses are a must in every woman’s closet. No matter the age, each woman should have dresses in her wardrobe to wear whenever she feels like it, day, or night.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Your colour advice for dress 2021?

My colour advice for dresses 2021 is the colours of flowers, pink, green, white, and purple. Colours of joy, happiness, and calmness! In the same vein, Colours make your dream and feel happy! It’s really important to feel good in your dress. That makes you feel unique.

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What accessories are trendy for dresses 2021?

As trendy accessories for dresses, I would suggest sunglasses. Big & colourful! Likewise, Pink and purple sunglasses match your outfits. Moreover, Earrings and rings inspired by flowers and nature are also very trendy accessories. In other words, I can’t imagine myself going out without my favourite accessories!

 Sunglasses Ofthalmos. gr

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Your favourite London based designer.

My favourite London based designer is Emilia Wickstead. I do believe that her clothes are timeless, elegant and always feminine! In addition, Emilia Wickstead mixes colours with tradition in a very unique way. In conclusion, a successful woman who found her way from her atelier to big fashion retailers of the world! Worth trying her outfit if you haven’t done it already!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: Your style advice for dresses 2021?

My style advice for dresses 2021 is floral dresses, maxi, midi or mini. That is to say, whatever suits you best! Firstly, Don’t be afraid to wear it and try something new for a change! Secondly, even if you feel that a dress you once loved wearing no longer suits you, no worries! Find another dress that you like. To sum up, Every woman deserves to be herself and express her personality with her clothes!

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What is your style motto?

My style motto is “Be yourself, be authentic and be sexy!”. It’s nice to feel good about yourself. Similarly, clothing plays a big part in it. So, feel free to wear whatever you like, without having any second thoughts, about your age, weight, and body. You are unique and that’s all that matters!

Yioula Zachioti, Editor of WOMENSLIFE.GR

♦Think-Feel-Discover: What is Fashion Week Style for you?

For me, Fashion Week Style is fabulous trending clothing! In short, It is all about Fashion. Amazing outfits, new ideas for people who dare to think and dress differently! Just unmissable for all Fashion Lovers.