Afterwards, how does fur as a material can still inspire new accessories design for AW16/17? Stop and think about it now: how Buttons for fur can constantly be a challenge for creative collaborations in the fashion Industry today?

I’ve always found value in working with different materials. Exploring Fur as a material with Corna & Fratus SRL, buttons, It was a challenge for my creative imagination. I do believe that Fur can inspire accessories design. If we can develop new concepts in fashion, then we can accept the value of design thinking.

Fur buttons fashion trends AW 16/17

1) Stripes

Inspired by technology buttons flirting with stripes. It is about movement and 3d effect, drawing the right impression of accessories height, width, depth, and position when viewed from a particular point. Transparency adds flexible design and rib finishes let unexpected colour shades to be seen.

2) Illusion

Buttons play with our senses. Row material is quilted. Illusory aspects surprise us with multiple colour shades. In matt or shiny effect they seem to be flexible. Colour creates an illusion effect and seduce your optical view.

3) Light

Let the light move back. Variety of layers create unexpected effects of shadow and light. Patterns seem to be so gentle that design creates soft, elegant buttons ideas. Row material let the light pass through filters and reveal unknown visual aspects


4) Geometry

Being inspired by technology, we developed buttons in engraved or embossed patterns. New challenging our senses to take on new architectural shapes. The innovative aspect of geometry becomes the core of inspiration. It’s time to think about new shapes and forms.


5) Movement

Buttons play with irregular movements. Worked in multicolour, original juxtapositions. Like pieces of broken material, brushed in free spirit finishing, they create a 3D effect composed of thousand separate layers.MOVE and SHAKE.Just GREAT concept!

6) Metallic

This is a story of metallic shades which keeps on inspiring our creative imagination. Structures in Orion blue, dark brown and rubber red colour suit so nice with metallic shades of darkened copper, reddish rust, and molten gold.


 Fur buttons fashion trends AW 16/17

Collaboration with Corna & Fratus SRL


                              Photo rights:     CHRYSANTHI KOSMATOU

                                      COLLABORATION:   Corna & Fratus SRL, (Buttons)


by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, November 26/2015!