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What is it the inspiration of LIGHT today for a fashion stylist? Afterward, how does always LIGHT inspire the color palette of Winter 2016/17? Finally, stop and think, feel, discover it. Be constantly aware of LIGHT’s beauty now!

Explaining my inspiration for LIGHT, I would say that it is about catching the moment, observing real life and discovering what instinctively is inspiring your creative imagination.
Exploring the LIGHT creates a mood that is full of emotions. Black, there is no doubt that It is the color of Winter 2016-17. Afterward, between visual illusion and light, color shades create a new story of delicate forms. There are no strict lines. Just simple materials inspired by the beauty of LIGHT!

Greys and LIGHT in a quiet and delicate mixture of black. Embrace now the new shades of winter 2016/17.

The AW/2016-17 colour story begins with Black in the desire to explore the idea of reflecting other colour shades. Greys remain important. In mixture with Black and through LIGHT’s vision, they embrace slight tint of mauve. It seems that colour is absent but paperwhite, cloud grey, graphite and carbon black can be fragile as well as quite and delicate!

Metallics in mixture with knitwear, the ideal colour choice to reveal the elegance of LIGHT. Believe it and choose to wear it now.

Think about Metallics and discover an additional aspect of colour shades in mixture with Black. Consider that the use of refined bold colours as copper and bronze, they always reveal the elegance of LIGHT and they reflect it through greys. Knits are ideal for mixing them with accessories in metallic shades. Afterwards, zippers always remain a key styling detail for custom brands. It is already about a refined choice for luxury design.


The inspiration of LIGHT today for a fashion stylist for colours of Winter 2016/17




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  By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, November 15 / 2015.