How will the creative design affect the way we think and create products globally? MEN, The project with Savrani Creations

In my eyes working together with designers to explore the design and construction of new style ideas,

to propose a fascinating solution to Fashion Week way to dress is crucial.

Afterward, new generations of designers, Stylists, and other professionals embrace a collaborative attitude.

Think, explore, inspire and create well with others.

The story of the handmade shoe design “MEN” began a year ago as the result of a close collaboration between Savrani Creations, shoes & bridal hair accessories Designer and Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Fashion Stylist and Fashion Blogger.

Enjoying with a similar passion for creativity and both promoting the same values of respect for design, this shoe design captured our creative imagination in Savrani Creations Athens, Greece atelier.

This original shoe design, it has been exclusively designed by both Chrysanthi Kosmatou, and Katerina Savrani, for empowering women’s fashion style.
Being inspired by the collar of men’s shirt, “MEN” reveals their love for traditional craft practices.

“MEN” is designed to express the fullness of unbelievably creative moments.



Styling by Chrysanthi Kosmatou
Outfits designed by Chrysanthi Kosmatou & Maison Faliakos
Sunglasses by Eleni Pismopoulou 
Photo credits by Bill Patrick Photography