Explore London’s news now: What is it London Fashion Week Men’s “This Is London” campaign? Above all, what separates London from other cities today?

“This is London” is the new London Fashion Week Men’s campaign that the British Fashion Council has just announced. Shot by London based photographer Markn, the campaign is a collection of 12 images and includes a diverse selection of people from the worlds of art, music, fashion, film & sport.
A mix of globally established names and current tastemakers, they will highlight the relationship between creativity and the city’s diversity. People from the worlds of art, music, fashion, film & sport explain what do they love most about the city. Moreover, what separates London from other cities? How the capital define their creative imagination?

Featured in the London Fashion Week Men‘s “This is London” campaign are :

Caroline Rush (Chief Executive, BFC), Dylan Jones (BFC Menswear Chair & Editor, British GQ), Akinola Davies (Moving Image Artist & Filmmaker), Angelo Van Mol (Creative Director, Band of Outsiders), Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt (Designers, ART SCHOOL), Ashton Gohil (Model & DJ), Bethany Williams (Designer, Bethany Williams), Bianca Saunders (Designer, Bianca Saunders), Cosima (Musical Artist), David Gandy (BFC Menswear Ambassador), Dennis Okwera (Model & Actor), James Massiah (Poet), Liam Hodges (Designer, Liam Hodges), Lou Dalton (Designer, Lou Dalton), Louis III (Musical Artist), Lucien Clarke (Professional Skater), Nicholas Daley (Designer, Nicholas Daley), Oliver Spencer (Designer, Oliver Spencer), Paria Farzaneh (Designer, Paria /FARZANEH), Per Götesson (Designer, Per Götesson), Priya Ahluwalia (Designer, Ahluwalia Studio), Sherelle (DJ & Radio Presenter) and Stavros Karelis (Founder & Buying Director, MACHINE-A).

Markn is a London based photographer who works in stills and motion. He freelance assisted the fashion photographers Steven Klein in New York City, and Solve Sundsbo in London. In 2013 Markn became the 1st assistant of Nick Knight, and he was involved with the fashion film site SHOWstudio. Markn is currently working on several ongoing stills and moving image documentary/fashion series.

What does London Fashion Week Men’s celebrate today? Above all, what does the campaign “This is London” features? Think, feel, discover it now!

Caroline Rush, BFC Chief Executive commented for London Fashion Week Men’s campaign:

“London is a city that is globally recognized for its creative talent and businesses. We’re extremely excited to launch this campaign for LFWM June 2019 and to celebrate not only the designers but also the broader creative community who all play a vital role in our industry’s culture and reputation.”

Dylan Jones, BFC Menswear Chair said about “This is London” campaign at London Fashion Week Men’s 8-10 June 2019:

“The ‘This is London’ campaign shines a light on the incredible pool of talent that makes London the creative capital of the world. From rising stars to established names, the campaign features a diverse mix of individuals, celebrating the eccentricity of our capital while illustrating that LFWM is a global platform for innovation and culture.”

Moreover, London Fashion Week Men’s is an exchange and interaction of incredible talents. LFWM reveals the vital role of not only designers but of all the creatives who represent the real value of culture in the UK. Fashion has many ways to talk about creativity. With a strong sense of responsibility and a new ethos, the LFWM’s runs from 8-10th June. “This is London” campaign will take place at The Truman Brewery.

London Fashion Week Men’s “This is London” campaign 8-10 June 2019.

♦ Akinola Davies ♦

♦ People say London is difficult to love, do you agree?

Nah I think it’s quite easy to love actually, it’s very diverse and has something for everyone. It can be extremely consuming for the mind and pocket that’s for sure. Equally savage to those starting out professionally. However, with a certain amount of pragmatism, luck and social nepotism then it can be tamed.

♦ What’s the struggle here?

How does struggle make you stronger? It’s financial and actually emotional most of the time, for me more so the latter than the former. I’m increasingly sensitive to a face paced way of life. I get sucked in and then it messes me up. Bad decisions etc. So it’s good to try and get out as much as possible. I’m not sure if stringer is the right way to put it but it makes you appreciate what you value more and understand balance.

♦ What separates this city from the rest?

A sense of humor I think.

♦ Angelo van Mol ♦

♦ People say London is difficult to love, do you agree?

I disagree, I feel London is the place to be! It’s a major hub for creatives and has a strong multi-cultural feel to it. Nowhere else in Europe can you get the same thriving energy, especially in East London.

♦ What do you miss when you’re away from London?

The buzz of the city. No matter where I’m coming from, I have the feeling of happiness to be back as soon as I arrive in London.

♦ What separates this city from the rest?

Every city has its own charm! London I would say is particularly advanced in its inclusiveness.

♦ Ashton Gohil ♦

♦ People say London is difficult to love, do you agree?

I have this love-hate relationship with London. I take it for granted when I’m here as all I want to do is visit other cities. Although, whilst away I realize how privileged we are in the capital, the culture and diversity in London beat most other major cities.

♦ What’s the struggle here? How does struggle make you stronger?

Everybody in the creative industry struggles, we are all trying to be a better version of ourselves. Constantly comparing ourselves to peers on social media, but there is a beauty in this as it gives you a thick skin.

♦ How does London define you creatively?

I learned from London, you get thrown in the deep end growing up here it molds you and helps you to navigate the world.

♦ Bianca Saunders ♦

♦ What are your favorite things about London?

I feel like it’s a lot easier to get by in London, compared to any other city. There’s more opportunity here to be creative and express yourself.

♦ What three words would you use to describe London?

Ongoing. Random. Industrial.

♦ What inspires you about London?

My friends & my community. I think they inspire me the most. Because I’ve been here my whole life, there are so many people I’ve met through living here and people come in the city and leave the city, so it’s a lot easier for me to find my creative grounding.

♦ Cosima ♦

♦ People say London is difficult to love, do you agree?

It definitely can be! I’ve lived here my whole life so keep falling in and out of love with it; just when I think I’m done with it I find something or someone that makes me fall in love with it all over again.

♦ What’s the struggle here? How does struggle make you stronger?

Like in most cities and the creative world, in general, there is a lot of noise. Growing new businesses in this environment aren’t easy but it makes you more innovative and forces you to double down on your core values.

♦ How does London define you creatively?

The fact that I feel like I can take from any musical genre without feeling like anything is out of reach. There is something about that which feels very London to me. London also has a very rich history of creatives who have been quite rebellious and have done things in a way that is true to them and their vision. It’s hard not to feel emboldened by that history.






♦ David Gandy ♦

♦ People say London is difficult to love, do you agree?

With London being such a vast city, I can see how it could sometimes feel lonely- the time and distance between areas can mean that people are inclined to stay in their own areas. We don’t have a great reputation for the weather either! But once you get over that and begin to explore and appreciate the diversity London has to offer, then you can fall in love with it.

♦ North, East, South or West? Does it matter?

Everyone has their favorite part of London. I used to live in North London but now am in South West and I love them equally. I appreciate East London but probably wouldn’t live there. There’s so much diversity between the different boroughs that I think you can find everything in London, whatever your taste.

♦ How does London define you creatively?

All the clothing brands I support, work and collaborate with our British and mostly also based in London so it’s fair to say that the city has been hugely influential for me. London can break you but the energy and opportunities here can also inspire you creatively like no other city in the world. Nowhere else has the same mix of historic and contemporary fashion working so closely alongside each other. London is a world leader of technology, fashion, and finance. I believe it’s the creative hub of the world.

♦ Dennis Okwera ♦

♦ North, East, South or West?

Does it matter? Personally, I find that when I go to the east, I see people dressing a little bit differently and the accent is different too. There’s a difference in how people dress so in that way I do think it matters.

♦ What’s your favorite place in London?

My favorite place in London is Greenwich. I love walking around Greenwich park, that’s where I grew up. My school is there at the top of the hill too.

♦ How does London define you creatively?

I think what’s nice about London is the diversity that you soon in the creative industries, more than in any other city. If you’re good at what you’re doing London is the place to be, no matter how old or how experienced you are in life. If you’re good and passionate about what you do, the creative industries will just welcome you. London is the buzzing place for creative people both young and old and I think the creative industries in London is at the peak of it.

♦ Eden Loweth (ART SCHOOL) ♦

♦ Do you feel like it’s home?

Yes, definitely, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I live in south London & quite a few of the designers here are based in the same place.

♦ North, East, South, West, does it matter?

For me East London is quite tense there, I find it hard to work there creatively. I think with south London you can kind of be out of that echo chamber. I think south London has got quite a nice energy to it now, which I’m quite excited about.

♦ What do you miss when you’re away from London?

I think the queer community in London is really like no other, it’s more a family & I think that more people have realized that we really support that community – so being away from that is quite strange.