Discover now London Fashion Week September 2019: How to define #Positive Fashion today? Afterward, Why the #husdag #PositiveFashion will always make you look and do good?

It was in early July when I received the latest news about London Fashion Week on September 2019. However, fresh fashion ideas are always a challenge for my creative imagination. Meanwhile, I felt the need to take a step forward. How to define as a Fashion Stylist #Positive Fashion and embrace the new in Fashion? Above all, I desired to create a unique personality, style, and identity. We all have to focus on our visions and expectations for the future. London Fashion Week in September 2019 is the time for me to evaluate, to develop my ideas, and bring my story to life as a fashion lover. Thinking about the three pillars of London Fashion Week, I see my self in search of new opportunities. The goal is not only to make things for the sake of growth but also to create an idea, and develop an audience for it.

Still, Why the #husdag #PositiveFashion will make you look and do good? Which is the story of the BFC’s initiative today during London Fashion Week? How Positive Fashion encourage future business decisions to create positive change?

In 2006 the British Fashion Council launched Estethica, a pioneering scheme. Thanks to the collaboration of the British Fashion Council, Orsola del Kastro, Filippo Ricci, and Anna Orsini Sustainable Fashion became a real part of London Fashion Week. In September 2014 the BFC agreed that Orsola, Filippo, and Anna should wholly own Estethica. The BFC would further develop a stream of work called Positive Fashion. A Positive Change Committee of BFC Patrons and invited experts, led by Marks & Spencer set out to define strategy and work plan for Positive Fashion. The #husdag of #PositiveFashion during London Fashion Week is the call to action for three important reasons:


It is about creative solutions, new ways of doing things for a more sustainable fashion future. Through art, designers, and the fashion industry express themselves through best practices. Positive Fashion contributes £32.3 Billion to the UK economy in GDP and supports 890,000 jobs.

♦Equality & Diversity:

From the product makers to the staff, students, and models who pioneer the Fashion Industry, they need to be treated with respect and dignity.


Support talent, skills, and craftsmanship that make our creative industry unique. Develop connections between designers and manufacturers to celebrate the importance of creativity and individual approach of style.


Above all, which is the challenge for our generation? How to define today #Positive Fashion and your style with a silk scarf? Open your eyes and see!

Every generation has a great challenge. Ours is to reinvent ways how to do things. This is not a worry. It is an opportunity to learn, to think and to create alike. Sustainability, Equality & Diversity, Craftsmanship & Community are the fundamental reasons for me to collaborate with Ath. Mouhtaridis SA, a silk manufacturer in Greece. The goal is not only to make things for the sake of growth but also to create an idea, and develop an audience for it.

I love to see our generation as pioneers with nothing to lose. Having silk scarves is a call for creative solutions and new design ideas. Inventing new ways of doing things, it means that you don’t waste your material. You make it rebirth. You make it alive through another perspective. I’ve never said that I’m a designer. Although, I do believe that my passion for creativity is the key for the #husdag #PositiveFashion will make me look and do good. Open up your imagination and let’s discover together five steps how to define your style with a silk scarf.