How does the International Fashion Showcase 2019 (IFS) become a call to action today for amazing design talent and vision? Afterward, What is Fashion during London Fashion Week? Open your eyes and discover it now!

The winds of change were blowing strong this season during London Fashion Week last February. Despite the general talk about trends, I always believe that London is pushing the boundaries. In my eyes, the International Fashion Showcase 2019 is a surprising idea during London Fashion Week to reveal the unique individuality of design. Therefore, Fashion has many ways to express the new. With a strong sense of curiosity, I couldn’t wait to explore the brave new words of designers from 16 countries. On the other hand,  It soon became clear to me that vision, talent, and confidence overcome trends.

Why the real talent in the British Fashion Industry is the future today? Afterward, what about trends? Is it still a real priority now in fashion? Feel it immediately!

Most importantly, 16 Brave New people with different culture have collaborated with the British fashion industry and created new perspectives on fashion. But above all, they are recent graduates, young professionals, and autodidacts.

Certainly, the professional support of real talent in the fashion industry is the future. That means that it is time to reflect our unique individuality. When fashion gets to know the culture of a designer, this is a moment of individual expression of style. In the same vein, that is the freedom to choose for yourself. Then the concept of trends all of a sudden is not a priority.

“In the UK, our experience is that it’s art education plus the collaboration of friends and elders which creates the energy of thriving young fashion culture. The most important thing is to have something burning – and personal – to say and the ambition and application to see it through to the end. I see all that in these designers: talent, vision, with confidence” Sarah MowerMBE, British Fashion Council Ambassador for Emerging Talent and Chief Critic at

International Fashion Showcase 2019, David Lee, Brazil at LFW Feb 2019

Which is the story behind the International Fashion Show Case (IFS) today? Afterthought, When was it established? Stop and think about it now: Why is always so important to the British Fashion industry?

The International Fashion Showcase (IFS) was established in 2012 as a platform for emerging fashion designers to exhibit their work during London Fashion Week. Firstly, It is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Moreover, to date, IFS has showcased more than 600 designers from 70 countries. In short, working in partnership, British Council, British Fashion Council, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, and Somerset House provide a tailored program for 16 emerging international designers, including a business development program lead by London College of Fashion and a creative residency within Somerset House Studios in London.
The IFS embraces the culture of the 16 designers. They are all invited to tell their story and preserve their own identity. The ethos of their ideas for innovation is the reason for success. The hope behind their design is to encourage creativity and embrace quality. Fashion is the expression of human creative skills, and imagination needs to be free to reveal this inner beauty. The British Fashion Industry believes in creative minds. That is an exciting moment in the fashion business to encourage artists to use their imagination and form new images.