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ZIPPERS : fall 2014-15


Zip and Unzip ! Just Be COOL!!


I always believed that details make the diffference and sometimes I catch my self to think : " How do designers make us feel special? " the answer seems to be easy but the key is in ATTITUDE!

If I choose  Diesel Black Gold is because this collection makes me  forgetting all I have used to expect until now and  dare to play with original outfit. Zippers are far from a simple accessory. They have been  transformed in innovative elements ready to realize new corners of our imagination.  

Decorative metal two way  zippers,zip and unzip smoothly stretchy airy dresses, embellished pleated miniskirts decorated with studded square metal discs. T-shirts are sleek and lean ready for adventure.

Stretched, transpered fabrics slightly mixted with zippers create the sense of free mouvent over the body. Sexy slim pants push the limits and break out the rules.

This collection has a strong interest in the final structural effect and pays attention to the details. There is a creative mood in the air which allows me to Zip and Unzip with style!

Think clever! Feel Cool ! Discover zippers! 

by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, December 6 / 2015.