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"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"-Plato, Rocky Star AW/17 at LFW


 What is the real definition of beauty?

How can design reveal the hidden beauty of clothing and color?

London Fashion Week, freedom of self-expression

Visiting London Fashion Week there is always a thirst for new ideas and freedom of self-expression. Personally speaking, Fashion is not just trends. In my eyes, Fashion encourages us to connect and exchange ideas in ways that were previously unimaginable. 
New thinking about beauty and raw individual experimentation are the precious details of VIDA by the Rocky Star Label AW/17 that challenged my creative imagination.

"Vida" by Rocky Star Label AW17, definition of Beauty

What is the real definition of beauty? and how design can reveal the hidden beauty of clothing and color? Beauty is a subjective term and "Vida", is the Sanskrit word to look within and to understand that beauty is in fact what you feel on the inside.  “Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder” Greece philosopher Plato it's the core of inspiration for Rocky Star Label AW/17 collection. 
The only lasting beauty for Rocky Star label is the beauty of the heart. Simple, authentic, real. 

KEY Color and design details of AW17 Rocky Star Label collection 

Baroque and gothic influences become the unique way to embrace Beauty through dramatic silhouettes and decorative prints. 
For Rocky Star Label the color palette of ivory and black are associated with the light and darkness of the soul. Dusty greys and tones of beige offer a warmth, dream-like feel.Textured laces, ultimate accessories and airy fabrics make us part of the design process itself and affirm the beauty in our society. It is about the perception of what beauty really is in our eyes.Let's discover it.



"VIDA"  Rocky Star Label AW/17


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 London Fashion Week AW17 


Photo credits by Chrysanthi Kosmatou/Think-Feel-Discover


















"VIDA"  Rocky Star Label AW/17


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 London Fashion Week AW17



Photo credits by Chrysanthi Kosmatou/Think-Feel-Discover



 By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, December 28/2017