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An innovative WONDER through CREATIVITY!

I never thought the day would come when i whould share with you a feeling caused by something beautiful and remarkable.

The FASHION GALA held on the first evening of the 39th International FUR fair in KASTORIA was really a surprising event stimulated by creative energy in fur pattern and texture.It was organized by the Kastorian Fur Association "The prophet elias" and was sponsored by the auction house BLACKGLAMA.

Twelve representative collections, from the 130 who participated in total, focusing on the study of fur as material, they transformed it in remarkable and ufamiliar fur suggestions.

Kastorian furriers proved that for generations from Russia and China to Canada and Europe their feeling of fashion curiosity is on the same time the symbol of trust. Knowing well the need of the global fur market they shared with us their new fur collections for Fall 2014/15 focusing heavily on the high quality and responsiveness to our daily life.

I really liked the joyful presence of new bright colors as blue of the night, deep palm and yellow. Metal zippers as protagonists in double face fur coats and laces in combination with fur were really amazing propositions.

I really do not know which will be the future of the global fur market but i believe that today fairs are an important factor of designers creativity, raw material recherche and presence of potentiial customers.

The FUR fair in KASTORIA is an established fact if you are in the high level fur business. But above all let's not forget that it is an opened invitation to those who feel curious and are ready to WONDER!


 by Chrysanthi Kosmatou / July 06, 2014.



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