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photo rights: British Fashion Council

12 of June 2015 : 1st Day of LCM SS16.

TOPMAN'S innovative message through accessories and colors :

Sometimes WE feel that we'got to GET AWAY from daily's life reality. GET AWAY from paths we used to follow.

Dare to ENJOY life!


This was the message I personnaly shared attending Topman's SS16 new collection. Gordon Richardson and the team at Topman Design drive us in new street lines inspired of the Northern, a 60's British music movement. 

 High waisted baggy Oxford trousers, sport vests covered with sew-on badges, bowiling shirts, blazers and light-loose fitting clothing for reasons of particularity. Street outfit gets in the front scene and a fresh air of youth is blowing in the wind. 


 photo rights : British Fashion Council

Accessories become an extension of social network messages using letters, short phrases, logos and symbols.

Important detail the mixture of badges with metal details and metal buttons in matt silver shade with abstract prints in bold red or blue color.



 Precious detail :

Streetwear outfit in mosaic effect .Matt sequins create irregular graphics and the final optical effect seems to be a really INNOVATIVE idea.



 ► Intricate prints ► sporty silhouettes  blazers in bold or either pale color shades. Zippers KEY aspect of the seazon offering a unique sense of MEN's elegant simplicity.



Black  knitted TRANSPARENCY  : texture detail that I really loved and made me feel the black shirt as a thin veil on man's body. Imperfect effect seems to be the source of creative inspiration for the team of TOPMAN Design.


 ► Colours OPTIMISM : TOPMAN's color palette for SS16 begins with rich  brights as pink, hot coral, fuchia and opal blue. They are not classic but playfull leaving us with a feeling of cheerful optimism. 

Pastels are the KEY for clean, cool, sophisticated lines. A smooth comfort colour's  suggestion ready to translate the mixture of fabrics and textures.

TOPMAN as one of the most important supporter of UK menswear design talent give us the message :

Dare to embrace new trends!  Dare to ENJOY life as FASHION is life itself!

Thank YOU!



rights holder : British Fashion Council




by Chrysanthi Kosmatou, 14 of June / 2015.