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Importance and success of the New Generation Fashion Lines(NGFL) 3

 How important is the New Generations Fashion Lines 3 (NGFL), Greece for

emergent designers & established  Haute Couture brands? 


3rd NGFL, Greece encouraging innovative design

Personally speaking, fashion is an on-going quest for innovation and designers who deeply believe in the secret beauty of the creative design.One of the best things about attending LIVE the 3rd NGFL, Greece September 30- October 1 at Paleo Xrimatistirio, is the fact that it is an event which enables emergent designers to showcase their talents and encourage innovative design. 
3rd NGFL, GREECE September 30 - October 1 at Paleo Xrimatistirio


 photography credits: Chrysanthi Kosmatou/

Greek designers and the future of fashion in Greece

The fashions shows of NGFL 3 were filled with lots of talents and established brands."Maison Faliakos", "Areti Efstathiou", "MyRio by "Evignhia", "Alexandra Rupenko", "Christangelos" powered by "SkinLab", "Do Details Worth", "Somf" powered by "3D edge", "Spiros Eleftheriou", "Dimitrios Ordoulidis", "1014 LEX by Danai Sakellari" are  designers who shape the future of fashion in Greece, whether it is on the High Street or the catwalk

                                                                  CRHISTANGELOS                                                                                     ARETI EFSTATHIOU 

                   photography credits: Chrysanthi Kosmatou/                                                

NGFL, an international fashion event 


photography credits: Chrysanthi Kosmatou/


I do believe that fashion is an international industry and gives the freedom to think, dream and to do.In particular, NGFL 3 presented the collection of cruise collections of the students of the "State University of Economics in Vladivostok", represented by one of the creators, "Alexandra Rupenko". It is a brilliant concept of gathering together designers from other countries under one roof. This first presentation in our country of collecting graduates of a state-owned university proves that the diversity is what makes us all so interesting and it is something that should be embraced.


3D Printing from SMF

 photography credits: Chrysanthi Kosmatou/


3D Printing from SMF

Alongside the events, catwalks, and presentations held, NGFL 3  it was terrific that for the first time in Greece, proudly presented creations combined with 3D Printing from SOMF,  which was supported by the 3D edge. 
The hope behind is that emergent designers will be spotted by people whose job it is to nurture, promote and mentor fresh creativity no matter where it has been developed. 

photography credits: Chrysanthi Kosmatou/

Maison Faliakos by Benedictos Antipas, during NGFL3

Among the names of established brands, Maison Faliakos with a long presence in the Greek Market appeared with the collection of the pret-a- porter of the house created by the new designer, Benedictos Antipas. Their presence during NGFL 3 brings recognition and proves that how important it is for all those involved with fashion at all levels and from all regions to see and be seen at this biannual talent-fashion event. 

photography credits: Chrysanthi Kosmatou/

Importance of NGFL for the creative fashion industry in Greece

For those of you who are creating with passion and have the courage to work hard for what you really love to do in fashion, I want to share with you my thoughts. Fashion events that support and bring attention to New Talents work as NGFL are always important. Stay open, authentic and enjoy it all.
Being creative is one of the key things for any fashion event. Think wisely the power of that energy. I wish all the best of luck for what is an incredible future ahead to NGFL 3. Keep on investing in our creative fashion industry. It's really important for all of us! 
3rd NGFL, GREECE September 30 - October 1 at Paleo Xrimatistirio



By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, October 12/2017