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FASHION INTERVIEW: Sea You Aegina - concept store



Sea you Aegina - concept store! 
The only way to do great work in Fashion is to LOVE what you do! 


The Freedom of design, a new series of Fashion Interview

Nothing is more beautiful than freedom of design. For me, it is fascinating to discover Fashion NOW, HERE in everyday life and share with creative people their inner love of what they are doing.That's the real reason I decided to start a new series of Fashion Interviews here, now in Aegina Greece during my summer holidays.

Aegina, Greece, my journey through creativity that never ends

Aegina, Greece is an island that I visit every summer from 2012. My journey through creativity never ends and this summer I felt the need to reveal the beauty of the design. I'm convinced that nothing is more important than respecting people's talent and love for fashion. This can be achieved by the use of refined fabrics and attention to detail and accessories.

Sea you Aegina - concept store, the elegance of real quality!

Sea you Aegina is a concept store in Aegina, Greece.  I was really impressed by the sophisticated elegance which is just as visible on the inside and the outside of the store. it was really an honor for me to collaborate with Konstantinos Kotsonis, c/o owner of Sea you Aegina - concept store and share with him his passion for real quality and new fashion ideas. In my eyes, it is about a traveler all around the world who is always interested in the detail. 
Just be inspired by my photos from the inside of Sea you Aegina - concept store and Think-Feel-Discover how to find beauty in life.



FASHION INTERVIEW: Sea you Aegina - concept store 





































FASHION INTERVIEW: Sea you Aegina - concept store 






 By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, August 8/2017